20131009 16:00: Jinsha jade jade industry darling, others know!Thirtyfour [huachem]: Jinsha Poetry: jade jade industry darling, others know!
Nike Air Max 2012 Men Shoes br amp; amp; ] Liang Zhihua br amp; amp; br amp; amp; during the national day, the author use golden week of free time, specially to in Wuzhou City and Hezhou, Guilin and other places to visit relatives and friends, and evacuated to visit some local friends and friends of Tibet. Tour in Cenxi, a man named Liang Bing, a special reception to me, and invited me to visit his home for a moment. When I entered the soldier beams in the living room, living room Bogut rack placed filled with Hector red rocks, some of the stones also please craftsmen carved, carved into the elegant figural statues, landscape, flower and bird, Fu Lu Shou hand pieces, lumbar thoracic pendants and so on, vivid, beautiful, and immediately attracted my eye. br amp; amp; liangbing see me on these stones so interested, then tell me, these stones are jade industry darling, named sands jade, its hometown will in Cenxi Wuzhou, in recent years to outcrop tempor
Mens Nike Air Max 2011 Leather M2011L015arily upstaged, known to the i like air max shoes world, and slowly up the sights and sounds of the. Jinsha said named Jade, have traced its historical origin. Jinsha jade, since ancient times is Cenxi of stone, for the history of local collectors know, love and used, but has not of the main sources for specific research, also has not unified naming, traces the Jinsha jade of the origin of the name
http://shbxsf.cn/news/html/?249537.html buy air max shoes online is from Jinsha River Village picked up sands like flash bright jade the beginning of the story. Jinsha village is located in the territory of Cenxi, since the period of the Republic of China, with rich named
Nike Air Max 2011 Men Shoes jinsha. In i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes 2007, the Mo Yuehui several local stone connoisseur in Jin Sha Cun Huang Huahe along the coast of searching for the stone want.and pieces under the sunlight shining bits and pieces of golden light jade! Again careful investigation and i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes found that this kind of jade in the vicinity of the Jin Sha Cun Huang Huahe along the coast of, in particular, to, Jin Sha Cun River picked up sands like sparkling jade news, quickly in the collection of local stone and community spread, stone’s friends have to Jinsha village looking for Jinsha jade, we feel in Jinsha village to find the source of Jinsha jade, Jin Yu the name from flow spread. Liang Bing continues to me said that since the local people are the collection of Jinsha jade stone. These stone produced in Xijiang riverbed deep, looks ugly, but very delicate stone, with oil, suitable buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online for carving strange landscape and lifelike characters,
Nike Air Max 2013 Men Shoes carved ornaments after polishing treatment, the lights illuminate the exquisitely carved, sparkling, named sands jade. The past few years to start and buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online local collectors, especially the Wuzhou stone carving artists, try to select Shun culture and culture of arcade, the dragon mother culture with unique local characteristics of historical and cultural themes, use sands jade carving art to show the Wuzhou