By the end of the tour

By the end of the tour, tour page hand impact, how to break through? Living in this world, the game plays a great role in promoting leisure and entertainment, to reflect the fun of life, prompting a and a good game arises at the historic moment, has brought great changes to people’s life. From a general point of view, the development of the game market of high temperature, good market prospects, but also ushered in the intense competition between different game. The tour page tour and hands, it is also a game on the market leader, occupying very important status, caused a certain impact to the end of the tour. Then, the end of the tour is not far behind, whether with other game opponents to march forward courageously, bigger and stronger? The author thinks, the end of reading 142 why O2O’s valuation is so high? The home Manicure carved Lord Meng wake founded, 3000 Manicure division of the valuation of $300000000, a $100000 Manicure division; Chen Hua sing 80000000 users of the valuation of $200000000, $2.5 A user. The difference between the 40000 times! It is no wonder that the big brother and investors have to O2O as the focus of investment in 2015, the gap is not justice! In fact, behind this, is the O2O incoming tide surging, completely subvert the traditional way of valuation of venture project. Before 2014, the Internet to a valuation of the project mainly to see the number of users, followed by the day, month, founder of reading 142 the outer limit order the implementation of video website homemade drama drama in overseas many times to take the broadcast side edge shoot system, while the domestic drama the current approval system need to project, then the review, the whole process takes at least a few months, the delay is inevitable. This month, the State Press and Publication Administration issued the notice on further implementing the relevant provisions of the online foreign TV drama management the industry known as the outer limit order entered into force, unregistered foreign TV drama will be ordered off the shelf. And that the effect in the outer limit before, because there is no deletion is refers to the Japanese anime video violence and sex tendency, the Chinese several video streaming website warned. The trend has been proved that the outside reading series in China 776 Internet challenge the existing government regulatory framework there is no doubt that in the past ten years, the influence on China’s economy is the most important thing is the rise of the internet. The rise of Tencent, Baidu and Alibaba as the representative of the Internet Co, not only has a massive user, the huge market value, more important is to change the habit of Chinese people basic necessities of life. It is also the important role of the Internet in the economic life, in the recently concluded two sessions, Internet was written into the government work report, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out, to develop Internet action plan to promote mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, networking and modern manufacturing industry with. To promote electric reading 913 why Taobao brush single repeated? The purchase of a single brush businesses will eventually cost grafted on to the consumer. Reading 912 praised! Tencent payment bottlenecks where? The 2015 Spring Festival evening show not featuring a star, but held the red micro letter envelopes. Micro channel official data show that new year’s Eve

this year’s Spring Festival

this year’s Spring Festival, not what is red is more attention to young people, in WeChat group, microblog, PayPal wallet everywhere in a red rain, at the same time, operators began to endure lonely. a few years ago, new year’s Eve and new year’s day are carriers of the moment, whether it is phone pay New Year’s call or text messages, telecom operators have to endure the user experience decline even complain complaint. But when the year of the sheep, WeChat microblog paralysis, collapse, pay treasure to traffic, SMS platform operators have SMOOTH OPERATOR. not many people in the industry expected, shake the enthusiastic support system WeChat simply can not afford the enthusiasm of China people, last year only 8000000 of the amount of hundreds of millions of dollars and this cannot be mentioned in the same breath. So, WeChat back paralyzed, not red, not received the information, and the double 11, transport during the Spring Festival get train tickets have a spell grab a red envelope action to fully test the Internet Co background. red rain is too big, even if is to support the super ability for Paypal will inevitably meet up with Internet Co, finally realizes the operator when the difficulties. However, this problem is a kind of happiness and troubles, and lost only know. at the moment, the telecom operators must be in the recall message event that year, wish the user complaints and complaints over again. However, time has passed, which belongs to the SMS era has gone for ever. when a lot of people WeChat envelopes can not use it, the network re emergence of the conspiracy theory, operators also once again accused of lying in the gun, telecom operators stuck neck mischief in Internet Co. In fact, we have good reason to believe that, the operator has nothing to do with this congestion, because the operators in the red tide pain and happiness. SMS pay New Year’s call from glory to the silence, but the last one or two years. To pay New Year’s call SMS microblog fired the first shot, hit the key WeChat SMS, SMS and red is overwhelming the last straw for pay New Year’s call. According to the Ministry of statistics, in 2014 during the Spring Festival holiday, the national mobile messaging delivery volume totaled 18210000000, down 42%, a substantial decline in the first time, and the Spring Festival of 2015, the amount of text messages sent to drop below 10000000000 should be no suspense. Spring Festival Red network is in the Internet financial and social network, combined with the product in the mobile Internet, let the past oneway transmission of information evolved into a twoway interaction can be and the more the spirit of entertainment products. so, the red network not only the person to person pay New Year’s call SMS shock up, also let the audience between television and marketing services based communication has changed fundamentally, SMS number no longer need the original host read over and over, but called for a shake. A significant decrease of SMS usage, let the operator’s income is injured.

Dingchenling Internet companies are penetrating into all aspects of human life

Dingchenling Internet companies are penetrating into all aspects of human life, from the effects of view, they almost get in by every opening; from the industry point of view, they were almost be equal to anything. Enough clothes to play electricity supplier war, food reviews reputation, line taxi software after the three large pieces of content, Internet companies have focused on the live, its starting point, it is the absolute protagonist sitting room and living room: tv. See also BAT into the living room work out measures to suit local conditions, water is, in Baidu, Ali, Tencent big three as the representative of the Internet companies have already begun to work, to gradually penetrate into many fields such as basic necessities of life, it is invariably eyeing the smart TV this cake. in recent years, intelligent hardware continued unpopular, which again that the traditional television industry the most attract sb.’s attention, as the music, millet, iqiyi other Internet companies competing to launch, Alibaba, Baidu not fall behind. At the end of last year, trying to connect Tencent Inc announced the opening strategy: including hardware WeChat and mobile phone QQ, will open platform services for intelligent hardware and the line was open, the medical and health category of hardware will become the first access to the hardware platform. So far, BAT gathered in the living room, for the fourth screen for the official start. the river becomes warm in spring, the Internet companies are always having foresight. That the traditional television to some old industry suddenly become the object of one by one of the warlords, and even attract Baidu, Ali, Tencent three giants joined the melee, a potential of the Normandy beachhead, investigate its reason: BAT have in mind in the television industry itself, in between to seize the entrance, food the cake. and have incoming giant sky in March, the smart TV to usher in another round of small explosions: March 18th, Konka launched Tencent strategic cooperation and joint research and development of new products, T60 super TV, using the 8 core smartphone platform, A9 architecture, based on Android 4.4, equipped with the latest Konka YIUI easily grapefruit control system. GITV central the Milky Way Internet TV broadcast control platform integration, Tencent is provided in T60 super TV rich content resources. March 24th, millet officially released the 40 inch TV 2 millet millet is still a MIUI TV system, builtin GITV. In addition, the entertainment is another highlight of millet tv. March 26th, Changhong announced the launch of mobile Internet TV CHiQ two generation and simultaneous listing. This product is equipped with a Changhong with completely independent intellectual property rights DCC equipment connection and control protocol, the original M dual core Chi technology. is reported that in April, SKYWORTH will also release a new product.

according to media reports

, according to media reports, recently Baidu encyclopedia in Beijing botanical garden, for the hundreds of species of plants in more than 4000 hanging a plant twodimensional code, five one into the park visitors, just pick up the mobile phone scanning the twodimensional code can be linked to the Baidu on Wikipedia, and then can understand the knowledge of the plant the more detailed, including the morphological characteristics, growth habit, cultivation techniques, breeding methods, as well as the content of plant culture related. It is understood, in addition to the Beijing botanical garden, Luoyang garden, Ji’nan Springs Park and Luoyang aquarium has landed Baidu Encyclopedia of twodimensional code, will fall to the ground and Beijing zoo, Wuhan Botanical garden. O2O a show? Baidu encyclopedia dimensional code of this plant, give a person a kind of feeling of deja vu, that many commentators are eyeing the O2O perspective, that Baidu move, is a O2O attempt. more on the Central Park in New York and in 2011 the successful marketing compared with twodimensional code. The same plant, in that year’s Arbor Day, the Central Park in New York in a number of important scenic spots placed placed a twodimensional code, users scan the code we will see some information including Central Park, filmed in the movie, events, attractions details etc as a guide O2O new experience, the success of New York’s Central Park, attracting the attention of young people. And Baidu Encyclopedia of plants and the twodimensional code in the basic idea, does have great similarities, through this model, we can really achieve draw down to earth style, through interesting presentation, enhance the use of the young target audience experience and adhesion. But this is not the encyclopedia and ground shop cooperation of all, this is not a subject that simple event marketing. , can be said to be the content of the. Many young people including the author, are in reality and virtual disconnected state, a word is the most simple things. For example, we can probably say the characteristics and the value of various plants, also can not answer, to play a do not know to ask Baidu, but in the face of these plants, don’t know what it is which data option we profound knowledge under the. plant these twodimensional code, real people themselves realize the O2O, if continued, the O2O, will be online and offline knowledge needs seamless connection, maybe let Wikipedia practical to find the it in order to break the bottleneck of Baidu encyclopedia the plant twodimensional code, in fact, precisely reflects Baidu always wanted to achieve the mission’s link to find. make people the most equal and easy access to information, find what we seek. Baidu Wikipedia itself is one of the most effective load, this on a huge Encyclopedia Crowdsourcing wisdom form, has been an unavoidable weakness, that so many of the.

is the root

is the root, Chinese forever erase the plot, he represents a kind of nostalgia, old people, always want to return to their homeland, far away in a foreign land, even to death, and let his ashes buried in his hometown in the land. The root, in biology, is the source of plant and nutrient absorption of the transformation of the Internet access, if the China described as a sky tree case, netizens are nutrients, that her roots in where? we have Chinese Internet history, back to twenty years ago, there is a group of people, hiding in their own homes or rented a small office, began his entrepreneurial path. There is a boy called ma to Yiwu and sell flowers and gifts, and later got a translation agency, try to do a translation agency content on the Internet, a get out of hand. A man named Ma Huateng Indoorsman developed a technology called the OICQ instant messaging tools, profit model is what all not to good. 99 years, a man named Robin Li six or seven in Peking University Resource Hotel, personal, a search engine business, later in the story is very bright and brilliant! is the wave of the Internet, has been put behind these grassroots experience to deep, but we can not forget those unknown to the public of the grassroots webmaster more, it is the socalled grassroots, whether it is past, or now, become a source of China Internet trees, to the Internet altruistic blood transfusion and barbaric growth. Why is the future of localization Chinese vast territory and abundant resources, 600000000 of the base of Internet users, and let the rest of the world, the Internet to Chinese brings not only convenience of the information age, it is a new revolution, is different from the previous industrial revolution, the revolution is not only the means of production capacity of the change, it is a invisible a virtual world, and perhaps later history book such a definition: the end of the twentieth Century, the era of the Internet revolution that is the first time the fourth industrial revolution. Huge market Chinese, bearing not only on the change of economic leap, more all Chinese creativity. China 600 million users, distributed in more than 3000 counties Chinese each town, township, village A huge user hierarchy show in front of everyone, although China Internet has been developed by leaps and bounds, as long as there is a network place, such levels significantly user group diversification, creating a China Internet users form. and with the user population growth and population flow, aging and other social phenomenon Chinese, promote changes in the Internet industry, and the transformation of traditional business pattern: the impact of the electricity supplier industry, shopping is no longer profitable, become chicken ribs; businesses begin to pay attention to their reputation, try to use simple tools such as the Internet, marketing WeChat microblog the traditional media; Chinese for three consecutive years, began to decline, the newspaper began publication; from the media growth, effect of China media industry; BAT wantonly acquisition of mobile industry, mobile Internet tickets war began, but the pattern is still unknown; Internet banking, big data has become a hot word,

Lijunvcd recently ran a few period Zhejiang TV program I naturally talented crossborder venture capital

Lijunvcd recently ran a few period Zhejiang TV program I naturally talented crossborder venture capital, found that many outstanding entrepreneurial projects in the early have been concerned about, and even with the entrepreneurs have had indepth exchanges and communication. For example, the O2O project Manicure carved Lord beaver family and children, such as intelligent positioning shoes step left, and do washing O2O E bags wash etc , however, in the previous episode, the most let me feel deeply or a home appliance repair housekeeper O2O venture project, namely the user online through the website, place an order WeChat or telephone and other means, then the line repair engineer orders after the first time home appliance repair, provide the mobile phone, tablet computer repair service and parts of white home appliance cleaning service. appliance repair O2O three user pain points personally, home appliances if failure in need of repair, it is very troubling me in the past. For example, in 2011 I started the Mac air screen is broken, but taking into account the out of warranty repair costs are relatively high, and the domestic manufacturers to provide repair service is not guaranteed, I chose to give up repair. Now, the main reasons are the following three aspects: 1, price and service transparency first of all, the traditional home appliance repair shop, the price is extremely opaque, but there is no price tag, which led to a lot of people to repair mobile phone, computer and so on to the next line store more taboo. Especially the entrenched in Zhongguancun area to repair mobile phone and home appliances business owners even after dismantling machine will offer. The most critical is the traditional service, repair process is not transparent, had often heard friends mentioned, repair personnel will be allowed to replace the original accessories. In I naturally talented program demonstration, appliance manager online pricing, and price tag, repair personnel will be on the repair process the whole video, which is a method to solve the price and service transparency. 2, the lack of security services after repair second, another point is that the mobile phone repair shop repair mobile phone, mobile phone once the wrong recurrence, must be re paid service repair, the repair is often shortlived business, most of the repair business users post service is not guaranteed, and the user can only look forward to repair home appliances will not fall ill. To solve this problem, the same, appliance manager for their repair products, in the emerging problems will still find it for free repair warranty service, the user is to eat a reassurance. 3, the experience is poor, repair shop, waiting for a long time And in the past the , mobile phone repair experience, because there are a lot of people focus on a mobile phone repair shop for repair, which makes everyone waiting repair machine for a long time and uncertainty, especially in the repair of high.

a wellknown maternal franchise brand

love dear, a wellknown maternal franchise brand, specializing in providing safe products for mothers. Over the years, always uphold the visible; dear, loving heart business philosophy, to the mother’s standard, our standard as a guiding principle, the chairman of the board under the leadership of Mr. Chen Jinghong, all staff through the unremitting efforts and the franchisee, in just a few years time, to lay leader China maternal and infant industry status. involved in maternal and child supplies the field so far, love dear mother to child has grown into Chinese maternal franchise chain leading enterprises, headquartered in Beijing, owns 13 major categories of merchandise, hundreds of brand agent, nearly 10 thousand single products and nearly 10000 square metres of storage base, the low price of purchasing advantages, convenient green supply channel, unique differentiated marketing tools and professional highquality distribution management team, to ensure that partners anaphase operation of landing, help the franchisee to increase sales, realize the dream of wealth. now, dear love maternal national stores the total number has exceeded thousands of, the national business radiation levels from the provincial capital city, to the three or four line of the city, the masses of internal, everywhere love dear maternal figure, do see every day, every night care , benefiting millions of baby home. love dear mother to child for enterprise management and development mode of the strict and unique scientific, standardized, has a good reputation in the industry, not only received many honorary titles, has also obtained the exclusive rights to a number of internationally renowned baby brand, and in store set up the country’s first derivative commodity sales area. also love, dear mother to child have been taking guide social responsibility, after the Wenchuan earthquake disaster area people actively to send condolences and assistance, help damage storefront through, and cooperative enterprises, the foundation has hosted many largescale public welfare activities, contribution in many charity party quantity, to help vulnerable groups. the future, love will always uphold the dear mother and infant care, close to , the heart, happy, serious brand concept, the sacred mission with the care of the healthy growth of children, continue to upgrade the brand value, precipitation by more than ten years of self sharpening and market, pragmatic, refine on, to better products and more intimate service, first brand China maternal and infant industry! A strategic cooperation love dear mother and infant, Broadcasting British Corporation BBC China licensees, successfully obtained BBC’s No. three, bird webby, pig, blue wizard Teletubbies etc. several wellknown brand of children’s early education animation series of derivatives of the development rights and China distribution rights, these derivatives in the country has thousands of maternal love dear store on sale.

introduction: Feng Jianjun think

introduction: Feng Jianjun think, the future of micro business will enter the new normal, this is because businesses see opportunities. In the mobile Internet outlet, pigs can fly, but the sales model of consolidation will 35. micro message marketing channel at present is in a mess. after the secret CCTV WeChat circle of friends sales mask containing large amounts of hormones, said green thin chief adviser Zhou Hongming accept the First Financial Daily interview with reporters, the current state is in the stage of commercial brands step, he revealed to reporters, the company at the end of the micro business began trial operation. reporter observed, green thin to test the water micro business is just a microcosm of the current, including health, Han, Han beam have entered this field, even the Shanghai Jahwa has shown an interest in the micro business, one for the brand; the regular army is coming. Day of expert Feng Jianjun on the First Financial Daily the reporter said, micro business as a new channel, traditional brands have seen the opportunities, but the current sales model is not finalized, is expected to be 35 years after a period of consolidation. Zhou Hongming said, since the green thin internal micro business, has set up a department, and plan to set up a Independent Company operating derivative. we do business, on the one hand is because last year saw the fiery mask. at the same time, Zhou Hongming said, through micro business this way, hope that the product can quickly sink to the three or four line of the city, and even the rural market. Relying on the platform of electronic business affairs, the main sales from a second tier city, the future with the development of individual parttime business, we hope that through some training methods, so that people can through micro business sales, so as to better products to sink. green thin target is not small, Zhou Hongming expected, in 2015, green thin from the micro business sales accounted for 15%20%. he also wants, sales income, three or four line and the proportion of the rural market can be improved to four. At present, this part of the market share is very little. micro business enterprise not only a thin green. Reporter noted that, since last year, there have been a number of traditional brand to test the water micro business, such as Han beam, is expected in 2015 micro business sales target to 1500000000 yuan. Listing Corporation also paid attention to this piece of business, has a wife oral health recently has quietly in the recruitment of the micro business operations director, and a Lady White Beans solid beverage; micro business investment. General manager of Shanghai Jahwa deputy general manager and Herborist division Huang Zhen recently in an interview also said, on the micro business concern for a long time. this focus on the mobile Internet is the electronic commerce flow.

IResearch consulting group president Yang Weiqing: the development trend of Internet marketing vice president Li Wanqiang millet: tasting sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal manual Mango TV marketing center Xu Zhong: interactive network to create a different brand marketing Guo column: how to create highquality marketing circle of friends

IResearch consulting group president Yang Weiqing: the development trend of Internet marketing vice president Li Wanqiang millet: tasting sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal manual Mango TV marketing center Xu Zhong: interactive network to create a different brand marketing Guo column: how to create highquality marketing circle of friends, Ansopa VP Zhang Huijing: Rui marketing case award Huang Taiji He Chang: create a miracle of the Internet dialogue theme: new media new interactive marketing theme: interactive innovation interactive multi screen marketing are discussed: the new era of marketing innovation interactive theme: big data big marketing interactive discussion: multidimensional exploration of interactive theme of mobile marketing: electricity supplier industry to explore new interactive discussion the integration of interactive marketing theme: the mobile Internet: the game live in the future trend of interactive discussion: China social recruitment into ripe? Theme: Hot Internet recruitment aspects of speech broadcast iResearch network media business department Customer director Zhang Baoshan: 2015 new media marketing prospect Tencent deputy general manager of the effect of advertising platform, mobile advertising: Ma Yiqun effect how to play Youku potatoes group deputy general manager of China business development Wen Rui: multi screen era of vice president homemade and big data card car Sun Xiaochen: love middot; R amp; D deputy general manager Chen Yu said: the ecological wisdom new gameplay native marketing theme: new media marketing new interactive topic: new media marketing new interactive topic: 1, since the media age, what is the best marketing? 2, the brand of soft power can be realized by self media marketing? 3, whether the fan can drive the brand marketing revenue? 4, how in the new media era of breakout success? The speech live technical director Sogou wireless commercial products of Qian Ziqiang: the future of the Horizon and Horizon future iResearch Consulting Group in two business department deputy general manager Wei Feng: multi screen interactive to create a new Internet Ecosystem of AdTime products and solutions for large data center director Niu Jungang: the media support cross screen marketing network of integrated marketing department manager Jin Lei: a new generation of intelligent video show as founder Xu Peng: open big screen smart TV advertising and marketing era of interactive discussion: interactive innovation topic of interactive multi screen Marketing Innovation: interactive multi screen marketing interactive topic: 1, wearable devices will become a multi screen marketing next goal? 2, how to better use of big data? 3, multi screen interactive marketing is? Content marketing trends 4, multi screen era? The speech live iResearch Consulting Group Customer deputy director Chen Yao: innovation driven industrial transformation and easy micro broadcast vice president Miao Ying: data platform WeChat marketing achievement to fly letter when Vice President Qiu Li: FMCG field Sohu mobile marketing industry marketing director Cao Yuefeng: Mobile, in the context of new media marketing fragmentation ifeng East China Marketing Center Director Peng Yong: a native of marketing innovation, unbounded tiger sports advertising center general manager and vice president Cao Lei: the integration of interactive topic of interest from the sports marketing: marketing innovation interactive topic in new communication era: 1, enterprises should be how to carry out marketing innovation? 2, enterprises and units

introduction: each stage of to raise equity investments in public may have some problems

introduction: each stage of to raise equity investments in public may have some problems, the market parties should face up to these problems, explore solutions. Abstract: the SFC that research about equity crowdfunding rules, the legitimacy problem will solve all raise equity. The controversial West master Rouga Mo equity crowdfunding indicates that, problems to be solved next is the risk investor equity crowdfunding in how to control. Each stage to raise equity investments in public may have some problems, the market parties should face up to these problems, explore solutions. , equity crowdfunding risk crowdfunding, as the name suggests, to raise money for a cause they. Crowdfunding is a product of the Internet, the dissemination of information through the Internet, to raise a small amount of money, it can greatly reduce transaction costs; crowdfunding also make investors and fund demand side contacted directly, save as a financial institution, the man in the middle of the investment mechanism. all the chips are generally four forms: 1 the raise donations, this way of capital returns investors without any requirements. Some free software, open source software will have a donation donate link, it should be the Internet earlier donation crowdfunding; and all believers to the temple incense to donate money, may have been a man in the history of the oldest donation crowdfunding. 2 product crowdfunding, investors’ investment is to obtain the value of products goods or services, rather than financial returns. Now very common products crowdfunding include: Hardware crowdfunding development of intelligent products, film crowdfunding cinema tickets, Coffee Museum crowdfunding membership card spending. 3 loan crowdfunding, investors can acquire fixed interest income, after the expiration of also can recover the principal. Part of the P2P loan pattern is typical of borrowing crowdfunding. 4 equity crowdfunding Equity Crowdfunding. Investors receive some equity, and want to share as the carrier to obtain the corresponding return on investment. Equity crowdfunding is more complicated than other forms of all the chips. equity crowdfunding, is all to raise funds to invest in one company, to obtain a certain degree of equity, as shareholder return on the investment. Companies listed on the IPO, it is actually a kind of equity crowdfunding, but a higher threshold, more investors, market more open, relates to the larger capital amount, therefore also subject to more stringent regulation. Say now equity crowdfunding, mainly refers to the investment to the nonlisted company, in practice often focus on startups, innovation of enterprise. if the equity public financing and investment is a startup, the innovation of the enterprise, especially the kind of high risk, high return investment risk often pay close attention to enterprises, investors may have to recognize this kind of enterprise: probability of failure is very high, investors may not be able to recover the investment. Investors must be very cautious judgment, whether the investment has been beyond the scope of his own to withstand losses. USA before the commission chief auditor Lynn Turner in the evaluation unit