20160105 09:41 grab the gold Queen: gold ten single must experience before p Article 1: Stop: when you before the next single, it should be to stop price is how much, stop loss price is reasonable or not, orders immediately to fill the stop price, why should start to fill out the stop is if the market is not you want to go, so the first time you can reduce losses, stop stop stop loss of meaning, only a small loss to keep vitality. p Article 2: A: into the single point is very important, although a href rel = Gold a is a free two modes of operation, in fact, is four kinds of operation method, low, low, high, high altitude of the four, in unilateral momentum, the four models are desirable, if it is in the trend shocks, remember buy air max shoes online not to low and high, this is equivalent to chasing Shadie, absolutely remember, many people are chasing Shadie, resulting in a loss. p Article 3: position: how capital should be allocated between to bear in mind how many ability, positions if too larg
Mens Nike Air Max 90 AAA 150608018e or Mancang operation, once the trend has reversed the loss increase, heart under pressure also increased, often not careful analysis of market trends, resulting in wrong operation. p Article 4: only the surplus: many people often do not only buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online the profit, so that profitable single variable loss of a single, under the trend of unilateralism, only the profit can
Nike Air Max 90 AAA Men Shoes push exit to increase profit margins, in the volatility
http://ylyssw.com/plus/view.php?aid=319 in the market, profit often requires a personal reflection point positions, not every one must earn tens of thousands, volatility in the market, sometimes hundreds of profit is many i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes a little makes a mickle. p Article
Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Men Shoes 5: decisive: a qualified gold investors, need decisive orders, since they have ideas, in accordance with their own ideas execution, not hesitate, do buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online not be afraid of loss, a reasonable exit will help you to avoid risk and make you strong backing. sixth: frequency: because gold is 24 hours trading, it is not possible to seize every wave of market, trading frequency is appropriate must grasp, too many transactions may lead to error analysis technology. p Article 7: mentality: This i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes is the most important, when you
Nike Air Max 90 Men Shoes step into the market, deny that everyone is reported to make money, earn earn less affect your state of mind, we have to do is rather small profit or lose money, rather than earn less and earn more. p i like air max shoes Article 8: Opening: the opening is a science, in unilateral momentum can be appropriately and take advantage of the single, but remember not contrarian and single, Contrarian and usually makes the loss increase, more is not free to undo changes contrarian single stop. p Article 9: homeopathy. Homeopathy, when market unilateral market, do not think at any time to adjust, may all the indicators all high tons but the indicator has deviated from the time, remember not buck the trend. tenth: mood: This is the most important one, depressed mood or.