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Nike Air Max 2011 Men Shoes virtual currency, equity raised off the net, why often run away end? 2015 business in China is to say is surging emotion stirring; on the one hand, the country continues to open, national policy more inspiring. In the Internet wave swept through, the traditional industry is constant collision and integration. The Internet financial derivative, virtual currency, direct marketing, public equity raise and so on new business models. But there are also many people run away, was involved in bankruptcy fraud, there is big opportunities in crisis! and almost all are under the guise of direct selling scam. What direct? We first explain from the model: Ma Yun in the German Hannover speech mentioned: the future business model must be C2B rather than B2C, is also the consumption production decision. This theory is a subversion of the traditional industries, also means that the direct marketing will become one of the most important mode of the future. a href rel = Melaleuca Zhuojin comment: i like air max shoes it has been only producers make money for consume
Mens Nike Air Max 2011 Leather M2011L015rs to spend money. But today, consumers can also participate in commodity distribution finally profits. As a vision and ability of consumers, can put their own side of the consumer organizations, leading everyone to share the wealth distribution and producer. Because the organization and management of the consumer, paid labor, there will be a return,
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Nike Air Max 2013 Men Shoes the direct logic! p so, direct marketing is China in recent 15 years controversy most of buy air max shoes online the industry, the industry once let a lot of cock wire family circle their dream of success. However, there are many stale direct let a lot of people dispirited and i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes discouraged, even in a lot of people who leave the scar of buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online a lifetime! There will be a great challenge for big opportunities! Direct slightly tilted, will soon become mlm! leveraging the power to expose the pyramid trick, as long as it is direct and make deep contrast on the line. China had promulgated the direct management Ordinance and the prohibition of marketing regulations of the law, which is defined as: p MLM is the organizers or operators of the development of staff, the development buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online personnel to its direct or indirect development personnel quantity or sales performance for the calculation and payment of remuneration, or by the developers to pay a fee for the condition to acquire the qualification for joining method seek illegal interests, disrupting the economic order, affecting social i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes stability behavior requirements. p Direct: refers to the sales personnel to face to face instructions, rather than a fixed shop business, products or services, or promotion of direct sales to the final consumer, and calculate the extraction the rewards of a marketing approach. Different male.