492177 bloggers integral: 1573 Bowen number: 88 papers opening time: 20110329 personally experience a feeling of patients: a major Beijing hospital doctor documentary and feelings amp; as a surgeon I, can experience in patients with hardships of expensive medical treatment is difficult and expensive,
Cheap Kevin Durant 6 Men From China because I also from the patients or the development of family members of patients, a doctor. After six months to experience the Xiamen Changgeng Hospital, once again feel the environment of the hospital in Beijing, and compared. Sick to their loved ones, my heart is very painful, ah, I will give up everything to give him the treatment of care. I won’t treat the patient as my family! That’s a brag! Even their loved ones do not attend to the doctor, who is i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes willing to regard the patient as their parents? Do not be too much fun ah. I understand the difficulties of patients and their families, I will try my best to the patient, in the premise of my tired, I will work hard to treat every patient. Know my patients can comment on. first look back ten years ago. Mother oral levofloxacin after I was drug eruption, itchy rash, bloody scratches, prolonged does not heal. I took her to a famous hospital in Beijing. Because the distressed mother, much of my monthly salary is only 1000, out of three hundred Yuan Hang special
Mens Kevin Durant V MKD016 no In the morning, the first into the consulting room, the old professor asked, do not look at the patient’s head began to open
Cheap Kevin Durant V Shoes Women From China laboratory tests. My mother told me the reverent and respectful history, I break down the professor. I said you want to see the patient, she said no. Then let’s go and check it out. Said this time next week to come back to see her. I asked that today is the end? She said yes. I asked the next time I have
http://xingshanyuan.com.cn/news/html/?312.html to hang the number 300 yuan? She said yes. I said that you do not look at the patient today to ask the medical history? She said impatiently, the next one. I could not help but say, I am also a doctor, before you do so, let us tell you how children learn? 300 yuan to open a few laboratory tests? Also do not ask medical history also does not see a patient? She continued to call the next patient. Sorry I really unbearable, you can buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online 300 yuan special outpatient service fee, but not sorry for i like air max shoes my mother! Many patients with doctors desperately, in fact, the reason is very simple. I went to the clinic to complain about her, she was very impatient to say, come, lie down, I’ll give you feel stomach. Later, she apologized, but the image of the old and old man in my mind was completely finished. Without language! Then I went to see a doctor in the Department of dermatology. The goal is to
Cheap Kevin Durant V Shoes Men From China play a longterm hormone, I know that at night the emergency people less good registration. A physician sister on duty that night, registered after waiting for an hour, she did not see patients buy air max shoes online ask medical history, see one eye scratches and very confident to say, you this is the insect bite, I said my no worms. She said my eyes can buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online not see the bugs. I said the doctor you can listen to me to explain to you about the history of it? This is the eruption. She said you know or I know ah. I have no language. She will brush medicine, I said you can give me open a the longterm hormone subcutaneous injection, she very impatiently say don’t disturb her treatment. I have no i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes language, you can not be responsible for the diagnosis, the attitude is not good, but do not delay my treatment ah;