Video loading. Please wait… Play the scene of the play: 97 fraud suspects were escorted back home, in April 30th, 20 when Xu, 97 telecommunications fraud suspects were escorted back to Guangzhou by the public security organs in Malaysia city. Guangdong police figure for the original title: 97 telecommunications fraud suspects from Malaysia to 32 Taiwan News News (reporter Tu heavy aircraft) on April 30, 20 am, 97 telecommunications fraud suspects (65 people, 32 people in Taiwan) take the Chinese public security organs from Malaysia to China more than 20 provinces and cities of more than 100 large cross-border telecommunications fraud case is solved successfully. Malaysian Police destroyed a total of five Telecom fraud crime of the Ministry of Public Security Bureau of criminal investigation deputy inspector Chen Shiqu introduction, in March this year, public security organs, mass according to the police found the a group hiding in Malaysia area of Telecom fraud crime fossa. In March 22nd, the Ministry of public security sent to Malaysia to carry out police law enforcement cooperation. Working group arrived, the use of diplomatic and international police cooperation channels to determine the telecommunications fraud criminal gangs hiding place. On March 25, the Malaysian Police joint destruction of the Malaysian telecommunications fraud, the 117 suspects were arrested, which 65, Taiwan, 52, a preliminary examination relates to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdo
Mens Hardaway Shoes 150304019ng and other provinces and cities in more than 20 posing as Public Security Telecommunications fraud cases, involved in the amount of more than 100. On the evening of April 15th, 20 suspects were sent back to Taiwan. And Taiwan public security organs have been the first time, notify the Ministry of Public i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes Security Bureau of criminal investigation Deputy inspection Chen Shiqu. Because the victim is all people from the mainland, not found that people in Taiwan have been deceived, and the case is criminal gangs, in order to facilitate the investigation of the case, to recover the stolen money, punish crime, cut maintenance the victim’s legitimate rights and interests, we require the
Penny Hardaway Shoes remaining 97 suspects i like air max shoes in Malaysia are sent back to China. April 30th, the Malaysian side will be 97 suspects returned to china." We hope Taiwan as soon as possible to the police issued "on April 21, consultations between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits to reach a consensus, principles are conducive to the fight against crime, is conducive to protecting the interests of the victims, is conducive to the realization of justice principle, on both i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes sides of the Taiwan Strait in combating crime and judicial cooperation framework agreement, public security, for the first time to the Taiwan police informed of the situation, and invited Taiwan police as soon as possible to buy air max shoes online send personnel to conduct a joint investigation work, to thoroughly investigate the case of all the facts, buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online to the store, the masses suffer huge losses." The Ministry of justice is the same as the starting point for the protection of public interests in the fight against
Carmelo Anthony Shoes crime. Shiqu, said we note that after April 21st, the two sides of the negotiations, Taiwan announced that it will establish cross sectoral cross sectoral cross sectoral platform buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online for the stolen goods, to assist in
Merrell Shoes the recovery of telecommunications fraud funds. The public security organs, sincerely hope that with the Taiwan police strengthen cooperation under the framework of collaboration in the fight against crime, to jointly combat telecommunications fraud, "it is understood, suspects were escorted back to Zhuhai, by investigation of Taiwan City, Guangdong Province, the public security organs. Contact 18 men back to Taiwan cheated