Original title: Li Bin: protect people does not increase the burden by medical personnel income drop does not reduce gradually increased in Beijing, Guangzhou, June 24 (reporter Suo) June 23 to 24, cure of the State Council, deputy head of the leading group, and the National Institutes of health meter students Commission Director Li Bin to Guangdong Province Research to guide the
Nike Max 90 Current Moire Women Shoes health and family planning work. During the period of the "45" deepening reform work request. Li Bin said, in order to grasp the deepening medical reform in the face of difficulties and problems, efforts to Teng space, adjust the structure, cohesion, does not increase gradually decreased and gradually increased, the total income of medical institutions will be limited growth in income from buy Nike Max 90 Current Moire Women Shoes the medical staff to protect the burden on the masses, government investment investment effectively, ensure that the people get benefits. 24, in Guangdong Province held a deepening medical and health system reform work briefing, Li Bin said, Guangdong provincial Party committee and provincial government attaches great importance to the health care reform work, in combination with the actual situation, and actively explore
Womens Nike Max 90 Current Moire W90CM07 innovative, accelerating the construction of national comprehensive reform pilot province, concentrate on creating a strong Province health and the smooth progress of the reform measures, the effectiveness of the reform gradually, the health level of residents continued to improve, the major health indicators among the forefront of the country. Especially in the key areas of reform and more highlights, the county public buy Nike Air Max 2014 Women Shoes hospital service capacity is significantly strengthened, and the revenue and expenditure structure is optimized. Li Bin said, hope, Guangdong Province, give full play to the initiative and creativity, to promote co-ordination of the work of medical reform, continue to walk in the forefront of the country, expended to deepen the reform of the vanguard, reform and establish a benchmark, create more can be copied, can promote the fresh experience for the work of the national health reform. One is to accelerate the comprehensive reform of public hospitals. On the basis of summing up the county hospital medical reform, accelerate the reform of urban hospitals. To strengthen the classification guidance, elaborate program, establish and improve the scientific compensation mechanism. To speed up the transformation of
Nike Air Max 2014 Women Shoes government functions, rationalize the relationship between the government and the hospital, the implementation of the term of office of the president of the target system and annual salary system. Two is to accelerate the construction of grading treatment system. To speed up the standardization of drug production and circulation order, to encourage provincial inter regional alliance procurement. Three is to improve the buy Nike Air Max 87 Tape Women Shoes system of national health insurance in different places. To combine the health poverty alleviation to further improve the serious illness insurance policy, vigorously promote the payment by the disease, according to the head pay, according to the bed way. Four is to improve public access to a sense of. To implement the action plan for medical services, accelerate the construction of health
Nike Air Max 87 Tape Women Shoes information and big data, improve the public medical experience, and strictly control the unreasonable growth of medical expenses. To establish a salary system to reflect the characteristics of the industry, improve the treatment of medical staff. During the investigation, Li Bin listened to the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhong Nanshan’s views and suggestions on the work of health reform. (end) editor: Joe SN098’s article keywords: Medical Planning Commission