Original title: a kindergarten in Dongguan suspected toxic runway now children nosebleed Nanfang Daily News June 23, Liaobu Town of Greenville kindergarten several parents reflect, in recent days, the child skin itching, flow nosebleed, vomiting and other symptoms, with a class have seven or eight children similar body of strange situation. Parents suspected that this and last year’s kindergarten, the new plastic runway, park area provides
Nike Air Max 2013 Women Shoes a qualified test report, the two sides are not in a stalemate. Liaobu City Board of education has been involved in the investigation, the quality of the results announced before the runway was closed, suspend the use of kindergarten. Statistics show that Greenville kindergarten opened in 2008, is located in Liaobu city center, located in third Century giant villas, covers an area of more than 2000 buy Nike Air Max 2013 Women Shoes square meters, construction area of more than 3000 square meters. My 4 children nosebleeds events on the same day, Ms. Wu’s 5 year old children in the kindergarten class, Green weir. From the end of last year, the child will often nosebleeds symptoms. This year, in addition to nosebleeds, children often have a fever, cough, sore throat." At that time, the family did not pay attention
Womens Nike Air Max 2013 150730053 to. "Miss Wu said, just feel a little strange, the child is not a weak resistance, there are very few in this case." Especially in the last few days, the temperature in Dongguan is very high, we all think this is the weather". However, on the 22 day, Miss Wu also have children nosebleeds in class 4 children. In a chat with the micro channel group buy Nike Air Max BW Women Shoes of parents, suddenly found that, since last year, in the class has more than 20 students. There has been gradually more than 10 students itching, nosebleeds, vomiting symptoms. This can not help but let Ms. Wu and other parents nervous, followed by Lenovo to the country in the past six months of frequent exposure of the campus drug track event. Parents have children with symptoms of
http://trainersone.com/Blog/shoes-jordan-not-expensive-china-must-share-in-the-moment.html online disclosure of orbital poisoning symptoms were compared with the results of two highly consistent". A period of time, parents panic." Now the child is still so small, as a parent’s heart is certainly not accepted. Some parents said, at first we thought the child is an individual phenomenon, but did not expect so many children are like this. Therefore, the parents asked the zoo to
Nike Air Max BW Women Shoes provide qualified or third party testing. According to one parent said that the park side insisted runway test qualified, and gives the evidence". However, proved to be a 2014 test report, the kindergarten at the end of the track once again for the runway, the park has not given a new runway, qualified proof, which makes the parents very unhappy. Progress Park, said the new runway buy Nike Air Max Lunar Women Shoes is the original manufacturer of the 23 day, the parents of the class again came to the kindergarten to discuss. Reporters interviewed the parents of other classes. Wen said the children and found no significant differences, but also the occasional nosebleeds, said he wanted to see consulting. Miss Wu also said that at present only really understand their children in the class of the above symptoms,
Nike Air Max Lunar Women Shoes but also may be their "poisoning" more serious. Because the child’s class is always on the corner of the two floor, located at both ends of the runway, by "pollution" ". The kindergarten relevant responsible person said, the kindergarten in the last year to replace the new runway, the runway with the previous company to buy the same. But the person in charge will not disclose more blood.