Original title: network information do Internet information search service management requirements, the reporter in June on the 25th of the state Internet Information Office released & lt; & lt; on the Internet search service management regulations & gt; & gt; & gt; & gt; (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations"). National Internet Information Office of the relevant person in charge in an interview, the
Nike Air Max 2010 Women Shoes relevant issues of the "Regulations" to answer questions from reporters. Q: can you introduce the background of the "Regulations"? A: search engine in the integration of network information at the same time, the user’s use has played an important role, but there are also a lot of problems. A number of search results contains illegal information rumors, obscenity, pornography, violence, murder, terror; some buy Nike Air Max 2010 Women Shoes search results are not objective, justice, violation of the industry code of ethics and norms, misleading and influence the public judgment. These problems undermine the ecological network, disrupting the Internet information and communication order, contrary to the interests of the public, the majority of Internet users hate, called as soon as possible to provide relevant information retrieval service related management regulations. The state
Womens Nike Air Max 2010 A10W02 Internet Information Office in a wide range of research, solicit industry experts, various views and suggestions based on absorption and solve the outstanding problems existing in the service of the Internet information search, formulated the "Regulations". Q: Internet information search service management, which is responsible for the implementation of specific departments? Answer: the state Internet information office is responsible for the national Internet buy Nike Air Max 2011 Women Shoes information search service supervision and management and law enforcement work, the local Internet Information Office, according to their respective functions and duties, within their respective administrative areas of Internet information search services for supervision, management and law enforcement work. Q: "Regulations" clearly stipulates that the Internet information search service providers in the provision of services to fulfill what obligations? Answer: the Internet information
http://trainersone.com/Blog/shoes-jordan-not-expensive-china-must-share-in-the-moment-2.html search service provider shall fulfill the following obligations: one is to establish and perfect the management system of information security, information should be provided, prohibited by laws and regulations; two is the content of service discovery process information website and search results with applicable laws and regulations were forbidden, should stop providing related the search results, record, and report to the state or
Nike Air Max 2011 Women Shoes local Internet Information Office; the three is not through broken links or containing the search results to provide false information and other means, to seek illegitimate interests; the four is to provide objective, impartial and authoritative in our search results, the public interests and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens and legal persons not the damage to national interests. And other organizations; buy Nike Air Max 2012 Women Shoes the fifth is to provide paid search information service, customers should check the qualification and clear paid search limit the proportion of information page, distinct differences between natural search results and paid search information, paid search project information added to identify significant, providing business information services, shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations, shall establish and perfect the public complaints, reporting and
Nike Air Max 2012 Women Shoes user rights protection system, published complaints and reports, voluntarily accept supervision, timely processing of public complaints and report, it shall bear the liability for damages to the interests of users. Q: Internet information search service providers are not allowed to provide illegal information? How to deal with illegal information? Answer: Internet information search service provider shall not be in the form of links, summaries, snapshots, associations, related search, etc.