according to the president of China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association Yu Mingde revealed recently, Medicare may cancel the qualification examination and approval. Although this is only a possibility, but because there had Zhenjiang precedent, the by the authority of the industry public comments, you can not do not believe, so the industry a jubilation seems to pharmaceutical retail industry is about to usher in spring! Overheated, accident prone. When the national jubilation, I came to discourage. cancel the Medicare approval, is really a good thing? The pharmacy operator with a beautiful wish, look forward to get medical qualifications, can be directly grafted from Medicare user resources, ensure the pharmacy has a relatively stable sales and profits. However, all possible only in good wishes. the first to talk about the possibility of approval to cancel. Maybe someone will immediately refute: realistic possibility? Zhenjiang has entered the stage of practical operation! This is true? In the end, medical insurance is a kind of contract relationship,
Nike Air Max BW Men Shoes the medical insurance center issued a Medicare card, Medicare drugstore receiving health insurance card to buy goods, medical insurance center according to the amount of credit card related financial accounting for pharmacy. In other words, the audit procedures is a kind of externa
Mens Nike Air Max Lunar MLUN013l form, its core is the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online mutual visits, identify whether accord with their own requirements, and then establish cooperative relations. This is like marriage based on love, or interests, mutual recognition of both sides, and then live together, marriage certificate is just tied on both buy air max shoes online sides of the form. Even if two people live together, do not need to get a marriage license, will not be able to go on the street casually catch people living together. The entry point is the truth is the same, only to cancel the approval of this form, the two sides should establish a relationship, or after the process of mutual visits and consultation between i like air max shoes the two sides of the. see, cancel the approval of the development of pharmacy is really beneficial? Health insurance funds is not a bottomless pit, the total limit of a quantity, which is the total amount of basic constant, when Medicare designated approval Cancel, pharmacies Medicare number must be increased sharply, share equally to each pharmacy? Although the specific number we can make nothing of it, but to be sure, will drop a lot. constant, the total funds
Nike Air Max Lunar Men Shoes supervision, supervision object increased dramatically increase in strength under the condition of limited health care sector ultimately inevitable choice is to limit the pharmacy management category. This is not the health department unreasonable problem, but in reality we must face problems. For pharmacies, until there are two paths: either Medicare pharmacy, or choose diversified development. Once the cancellation of health insurance approval, due to historical inertia buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online considerations
Nike Air Max TN Men Shoes although health insurance income decline, i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes but can guarantee the basic passenger, is expected to have a lot of the pursuit of stable pharmacy give up diversification. To finally see the dawn of the drugstore diversification, this is definitely a big blow. more deadly, warm lazy frog. The relatively closed market environment, relatively relaxed policy environment compared to other industries, the association of contrast is not formed between the gross profit level and competitiveness of pharmacies, i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes paper