amp; amp; contraceptive methods actually have many kinds, but the contraceptive method in ancient China can be said is the most natural most hurt the. Unfortunately, most have been lost, even if heard a little also not to how to operate, such as acupuncture contraception, whether in work is not available and informed. Chinese acupuncture and acupoint massage and ancient contraceptive contraceptive antecedents and consequences of the ancient movie, emperor is Sannomiya six 72 Fei, can say the harem, if its natural i like lebron james 2016 fertility, it is estimated that the emperor alone into a small, to the ancient without any contraceptive, what condoms, that is how to contraception? It is said that
Air Jordan 11 Winter Style Men in ancient times is the eunuch i like air jordan shoes men in the discount kids air jordan shoes room after the emperor, the emperor asked a sentence, stay or not. If the result is not leave, anal vein point eunuch concubine, let all the semen outflow, so as not to leave the dragon, for anal vein femoral point, I find a lot of places are not found in this figure, I do not know the specific location, but the network gives the text description is what to say anal vein is after femoral point, in the last section of the spine down at 5 cm, did not provide specific map, if the network
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Air Jordan 4 Winter Style Men most environmentally friendly health contraceptive methods, you can try the extraordinary, but the effect is not guaranteed, acupoint contraception is estimated to be very effective, otherwise how can the emperor as contraception, contraception, point point into the eunuch compulsory course! The socalled widdy, for life in the tiger people around a eunuch, a little net worth of strength is not suitable. The eunuch duct, we must understand the internal strength is a contraceptive acupuncture group, acupuncture is the socalled magic emperor in contraceptive sex, the emperor ordered that does not leave, and then began to his magic, find the anus veins concubine, femoral vein is now said, the exact location is in the last section of the spine down at 5 cm, and then hand slightly and hold the blood slowly gently, semen will slowly flow out of the body, so you can avoid the princess will pregnant Longzhong, this time can be said to be a kung fu for the deep palace eunuchs must understand, for now life like contraceptive drugs and instruments, as for China with old Chinese medicine acupuncture method is
Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Men not used, it is also a kind of promotion is not in place, there is not much economic value, it will affect the sales of some products, this method estimates that this is no reason to be spread, in ancient Chinese except i love cheap jordans wholesale with acupuncture method of contraception, there is a magic Chinese i love jordan nubuck men way is the plaster belly eye contraceptive method, method is to use a discount lebron james website plaster on the female eye belly, this is a lot of ancient maids to the most ancient contraception way, had not much social status often bullied by the person, be taken advantage of is normal, but if it is pregnant is a dead end, so in ancient times with the magic ointment to paste, so that you can prevent pregnancy, but unfortunately the contraceptive prescription of ointment now Have been lost, what specific processing drugs now has no documented information the. It is a pity that the, if use to now will have much market value ah, unfortunately the musk contraceptive the