; amp;nbspXisha rush U. S. forces in the , not only to intercept strategy in the South China Sea, the containment of China’s frontier from the Nansha North pushed closer to China’s Xisha, and to Vietnam implantation into the South China Sea to pick
Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Women From China something new pioneer, urged the new regime in Taiwan shut up in the sovereignty of the South China Sea issue. Military action is not simply to the government for military spending, but to seek for the South China Sea has gradually buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online become the international waters of change. Chinese to breaking the strategic ambitions must first understand the hidden. ; Xisha military trespass, seeking stone carving three effect immediately connect to a special commentator Mr. Chen Bing. Mr. Chen, the USS Nansha ran again and now Xisha, he entered the island, do you think the United States on how to? said the United States abacus may be light, should be said that the United States on how to layout. As you observe, the past two troops in the South China Sea action, in the
Mens Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes MKB3S04Nansha Islands and adjacent waters, airspace, but the northward to the Xisha Islands, U.S. destroyer direct access to the island was built 12 nautical miles. To see the construction of the island’s geographical position, 178 km distance Sansha City, the capital of the island, north from Hainan Island 400 km, quickly to the door of the house, is also from Vietnam for the nearest Island, can be said strategic
http://www.ahyinglong.com/plus/feedback.php?aid=7 position super important and provocative is very obvious. Why does the United States choose island as a place to pick something, I think that is initiated by kill three birds provocation: p first provocation of China’s strategy of South China Sea, when the USA can’t stop reefs facilities in the South China Sea to the confrontation with China front northward to the Xisha Islands, the opening of the second front, from mainland China and more recently in a gesture to intercept i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes the attitude. i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes second is buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online to provoke the relationship between China and Vietnam, to add a fire to vietnam. The Viet Cong new leadership, the pro sent. Therefore, in order to sow discord, at a distance of Vietnam near the island was built in provocation. The purpose is to let Vietnam Xisha sea battle past memories, and China don’t go too near. To know that the actual control of the island in the building, China is in the naval battle of Xisha from i like air max shoes the hands of the recapture of Vietnam, Vietnam has always believed that the
Cheap Kobe Bryant Olympic Men From China island belongs to the Sino Vietnamese dispute zone. Therefore, after the United States warships, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry spokesman said respect for the sound through, while reaffirming the sovereignty of
Cheap Kobe Bryant 3 Shoes Men From China Vietnam in Xisha. Lenovo to reelection of the Vietnamese Communist Party General Secretary had put India pull in buy air max shoes online the establishment of the South China Sea monitoring center, the American warships to the island was built 12 nautical miles, apparently to provoke the Xisha Islands Dispute between China and Vietnam, undermine the relations between China and Vietnam. third is the challenge of the Chinese mainland and Taiwan