Edit in a period of time, go out of the country, more and more soldiers to perform tasks, visit the tour. Live in foreign countries, smart phones are soldiers and families of the motherland and family ties. However, compared with the domestic, the network environment is more complex. How to prevent the erosion of bad information? How to prevent leakage accident? The fourteenth batch of peacekeepers in Lebanon and other foreign forces is worth learning. Unfamiliar environment consciousness in near [event playback] not long ago, in peacekeeping in
Air Jordan Shoes Women Lebanon’s fourteenth army group a
Carmelo Anthony Shoes Corps sergeant Yang Zhongbao with micro channel and family chat, suddenly received a "near" add a friend request. Out of curiosity, Yang Zhongbao opened a look, a local people put a
Penny Hardaway Shoes long string of arabic. With the help of translation, Yang Zhongbao found that this is a local religious organization propaganda slogans. Xiao Yang rejected the request, and closed the phone’s positioning function. Coincidentally, Sergeant Zhang Hongjun in the use of QQ to chat with friends, also encountered a strange number buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online request to add friends. Claiming to be an old man, but from time to time to the army. Zhang Hongjun to verify the identity of the other side of the alien, determined to pull i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes the black. [news] according to the statistics, the fourteenth batch of Lebanese peaceke
Mens Hardaway III Shoes Yellow Blackepers have QQ account, the use of WeChat’s 90% people. In Lebanon peacekeeping mission area, stationed peacekeeping troops in more than 30 countries, combined with local turbulence, religious sects, network security situation undercurrent surging. To this end, I went to the Lebanese army to carry out a special education and special inspection every six months, and the officers and men must turn off the mobile phone and tablet PC smart positioning function. At the
http://gaynetwork.altervista.org/index.php?a=profile&u=comicadvice5 same time, they also organized technical force set up a "network sentry, Barrack network and wireless signal monitoring, timely find to stop the illegal acts. Lookout [foreign troops in Kampuchea, Lebanon’s peacekeepers clear: prohibit the use of landing mobile twitter and other social networking sites, in order to prevent hostile penetration. Soldiers in some countries only use buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online the phone to call and send and receive text messages, and can only be used in a limited time to rest, the other i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes time no signal. Before I went to Lebanon and Spain to have a friendly exchange activities, foreign exchange and not "in the hands" of the incident repeat. Click, click, click… "Support group leader Yang Hongyuan in the hands of the camera ring non-stop, to maintain a moment of friendship. The end of the event, the Spanish lieutenant Yale Kos found Yang Hongyuan, leaving his cell phone number, hoping that Yang Hongyuan can make a picture of him through the internet. Although the photos from the smart phone is very convenient, but taking into account the prohibition of the use of mobile Internet communications military information, President Hu politely refused to the other side of the request. Back to the camp, he will post a photo of the post audit higher, please Yale Kos. An extension of security risks, because everyone knows that smart phones, tablet PCs and other mobile media storage and transmission of information. I went to the characteristics of the mission of the Lebanese i like air max shoes army clear requirements: do not use mobile phones to store and transfer the military related content of photos, video buy air max shoes online and other data to prevent leakage or malicious speculation. For individual soldiers accustomed to taking pictures in the hands of the exchange, the secret and the forces of the detailed provisions