Blog access: 150881 blog points: 1135 points blog post: 466 opening hours: 20130826 recently the temperature dropped, the streets of the people are wrapped tight. However, many girls in order to show the figure, or wearing a short skirt, you know? Sudden drop in temperature can bring about 4 kinds of diseases. Problem a: gout, gouty arthritis is a familial and genetic tendency of metabolic disease, often in the cold of the night attack, the cause is excessive uric acid in the body, crystal deposition in the joints, and white blood cells in the blood to remove sediment, at the same time, the attack off ganglion cells, inflammation and cause pain. Solution: pay attention to diet, to prevent obesity, to avoid the food intake of animal heart, liver, kidney, brain and oysters, sardines, and should be strictly temperance and avoidance of precipitating factors, but also drink plenty of water to promote metabolism. For those who have a family history of gout, even if there is no any symptom is best to check the blood in the urine content, let I know fairly well, Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men also facilitate the necessary medical care. problem two: arthritis arthritis knee is like the weather,
Mens Kevin Durant 8 150826034the weather is cold, the knee to know. Generally speaking, the temperature change at 3 degrees or more, the pressure change is more than 1 thousand PA, the relative humidity is greater than 10%, I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women the joint pain of people will obviously more up. Near the joint, tendon,
Kevin Durant 4 Men Shoes Online Sale ligament and blood vessel distribution is less organization, originally blood supply is relatively insufficient, coupled
Nike Shoes China with limbs often exposed outside, so easier to dissipate heat, make the joint stiffness and pain more than. Solution: in addition to the usual attention to body heat preservation, it can use the knee and elbow pads and other supplies. Regular rehabilitation exercise, can strengthen the leg muscles, promote blood circulation. In the warm water swimming pool Nike Air Max Sale For kids to do the water sports, swimming is a good choice. Can also be based on the weather forecast, in front of the weather changes to take warm, wet measures. amp; question three: cold hands and feet to the winter I love Nike air foamposite pro cold hands and feet of women there are plenty of people who, even in the
Kevin Durant Shoes Online Sale room also shall be dressed neatly, thick cotton trousers, gloves, socks also cannot little. Otherwise, it would be cold teeth fights. This is because the nerve endings are relatively far away from the heart, cold after vasoconstriction caused by insufficient blood supply. No regular exercise habits and, timid is a natural reaction but the autumn and winter. I buy Nike air foamposite one Resources from the years union if the cold is fairly normal reaction of the body, then if you are cold to the fingers or toes, even feel numbness or tingling, then should look for a doctor’s help. Solution: usually do not smoking immovable posture and spirit, to avoid excessive intake of caffeine containing foods, such as coffee, tea, cola I like Nike foamposite one and so on, eat warm blood food, wear warm clothes, do more flexible fingers, arm circles, twisting toes warm up exercise, avoid long time solid concentration, especially continue to use the computer for more than 7 hours. problem four: respiratory disease after the weather becomes cold, the first to stand the test of.