Original title: beef content less than nine to Shantou beef balls & nbsp; Beijing fresh news, chewiness, as "Chinese i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes famous snacks", Shantou beef meatball diners alike. Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Planning Commission released the & lt; & buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online lt; Guangdong Province local food safety standards — Shantou beef balls & gt; & gt; (hereinafter referred to as the & lt; & lt; buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online & gt; & gt;, & lt; & lt; & gt; & gt; for beef content greater than nine other standards. The standard will be formally implemented in September 1st this year. This is the new "food safety law" promulgated and implemented, Guangdong Province, the first release of food safety standards. Shantou snacks standard two-year beef balls Chaoshan area famous tradition, has a history of nearly one hundred years." Standard "preparation instructions said that the buy air max shoes online survey results show that the main existing problems in the production process of Shantou beef pellet is the use of raw materials, and even do not meet the health and safety requirements of poultry meat. In addition, some of the beef producers and operators to reduce the cost of illegal additives add borax etc.. In earlier work, it is discovered that Shantou currently has "QS" certification of beef pellet production enterprises, only a dozen, beef ball, beef quality is uneven, half from 9% of beef an
Mens Air Trainer Cruz AAA 160111031d beef, but before due to the lack of relevant standards can rely on, food safety supervision and management departments unable to effective supervision. From January 2014 on the 5th day, Shantou City Health Plan Bureau officially launched, Shantou City, local food safety standards formulation, the allocation of funds as standard development fund, commissioned by the quality supervision institutions, health supervision institutions, food inspection
http://www.verdadesbiblicas.org.ec/index.php?option=com_k2&view=itemlist&task=user&id=565831 etc. industries, from Shantou inspection which is responsible for the standards of the pull head tissue. In March 26, 2016, the standard release. Meatball is not up to standard will be investigated and dealt with, the provisions of Shantou beef balls is refers i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes to the standard of the fresh and frozen beef, cut as raw material, add water, salt, starch and other auxiliary materials, in the unique characteristics of Shantou traditional hammer or mechanical MI, granulation, curing of non real time modulation of meat products. Among them, the content of finished beef should be greater than 90%. At the same time, beef balls also need to be unified color, gray brown, beef unique taste and smell, no smell, meatballs, spherical, homogeneous in size, with finger pressure after can be quickly restored, the viscosity, elasticity and other characteristics. Study on the detection of Shantou Inspection Institute, a staff member, in Shantou Province, Guangdong beef ball production enterprises, in other areas is not mandatory, it can be said. If the Guangdong area in the "discover Shantou beef balls", the local regulatory authorities to investigate the joint law enforcement." After the i like air max shoes implementation of the standard, how to make the packaging bulk beef beef balls, Shantou City Health Bureau deputy director Zhang Shaomin plans to accept media interviews said, such as farmers market stalls, beef balls, retail stores to beef balls, beef content, determine the production date and other information, consumers buy can ask the stall owners to produce relevant information. Interrupt shop: a brand standard, such as lead organization, Shantou, inspection and testing to a staff, the current
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