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exposure Zhou Qi adhere to participate in the NBA draft p Phoenix sports news Beijing time on March 9, after a disappointing playoff, the outside world for Zhou Qi into the NBA calls for a lot of silence. for this summer whether to participate in the NBA draft, Zhou Qi responded publicly last time is now yet to consider. But participate in the draft, and not Zhou Qi a personal thing, it is learned, Zhouqi team i love jordan nubuck men and his parents and Zhouqi I discuss later, is orderly arranged for him to participate in this year’s draft. in fact, as i like air jordan shoes men early as January of this year, there is the media broke the news Zhou Qi has decided to enroll in this year’s NBA draft. At that time, Xinjiang is a fight for the championship, in order not to affect the Zhou Qi in Xinjiang and the team’s play to win the plans. At that time, i like lebron james 2016 Zhou Qi brokerage team for the first time denied this rumor. Zhouqi broker matej i love cheap jordans wholesale said, Zhou Qi has
Lebron James 10 MYP Men not completely determined to participate in the 2016 NBA draft, currently focused on the CBA League, haven’t been considered for the NBA draft, to Zhouqi this summer’s primary goal is represent
Mens Lebron James 10 Low Top Sky Blue Whiteative of the Chinese men’s basketball team to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio. p in the opinion of more people, Zhou Qihui follow the predecessors Wang, Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian, the pace of, after helping the team win the title again set foot on the NBA’s dream trip. At that time, Xinjiang is also a big win. Xinjiang, however, has finally stopped in the semifinal. And Zhou Qi in the playoffs on performance is also unsatisfactory, his
Lebron James 10 Low Top Men gap in the body to fight people doubt if he can play in the NBA. p coach Li Qiuping’s remarks, on behalf of the now many people’s view, he now physical condition how to play in the NBA? Now go to play no confrontation, can only follow the training, sitting on the sidelines look. We want him to go to the NBA, he has the talent, but at this stage I think he should be the static under heart good accumulation, Yao Ming had 19 also NBA to find, I hope him to 22 years old to go to, 22 years old and 19 years old compared to both the body, technology and experience are not the same. p in the playoffs, with Haddadi’s confrontation, Zhouqi finally two war totaling 10 points and 15 rebounds in, this let a person feel, even the Haddadi are not moving, in the CBA has not been established dominance, how to go to the NBA. however, Zhou Qi’s talent is beyond doubt, the NBA draft is more value is a person’s potential. According to sources, Zhouqi team is the domestic Zhouqi in draft preparations of various matters, first of all is needed for the NBA draft registration materials, including the written proof of the Chinese Basketball Association. p in fact, Zhouqi in a recent interview has admitted that offseason to rest, and then go abroad to receive some training, enhance physical ability to fight. Training is the discount kids air jordan shoes fifth and sixth in the NBA tryout to go abroad
Lebron James 10 Elite Men and Zhouqi team hope can through discount lebron james website special training to enhance Zhou Qi, for

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