Dingchenling Internet companies are penetrating into all aspects of human life, from the effects of view, they almost get in by every opening; from the industry point of view, they were almost be equal to anything. Enough clothes to play electricity supplier war, food reviews reputation, line taxi software after the three large pieces of content, Internet companies have focused on the live, its starting point, it is the absolute protagonist sitting room and living room: tv. See also BAT into the living room work out measures to suit local conditions, water is, in Baidu, Ali, Tencent big three as the representative of the Internet companies have already begun to work, to gradually penetrate into many fields such as basic necessities of life, it is invariably eyeing the smart TV this cake. in recent years, intelligent hardware continued unpopular, which again that the traditional television industry the most attract sb.’s attention, as the music, millet, iqiyi other Internet companies competing to launch, Alibaba, Baidu not fall behind. At the end of last year, trying to connect Tencent Inc announced the opening strategy: including hardware WeChat and mobile phone QQ, will open platform services for intelligent hardware and the line was open, the medical and health category of hardware will become the first access to the hardware platform. So far, BAT gathered in the living room, for the fourth screen for the official start. the river becomes warm in spring, the Internet companies are always having foresight. That the traditional television to some old industry suddenly become the object of one by one of the warlords, and even attract Baidu, Ali, Tencent three giants joined the melee, a potential of the Normandy beachhead, investigate its reason: BAT have in mind in the television industry itself, in between to seize the entrance, food the cake. and have incoming giant sky in March, the smart TV to usher in another round of small explosions: March 18th, Konka launched Tencent strategic cooperation and joint research and development of new products, T60 super TV, using the 8 core smartphone platform, A9 architecture, based on Android 4.4, equipped with the latest Konka YIUI easily grapefruit control system. GITV central the Milky Way Internet TV broadcast control platform integration, Tencent is provided in T60 super TV rich content resources. March 24th, millet officially released the 40 inch TV 2 millet millet is still a MIUI TV system, builtin GITV. In addition, the entertainment is another highlight of millet tv. March 26th, Changhong announced the launch of mobile Internet TV CHiQ two generation and simultaneous listing. This product is equipped with a Changhong with completely independent intellectual property rights DCC equipment connection and control protocol, the original M dual core Chi technology. is reported that in April, SKYWORTH will also release a new product.