5 on the evening of June 8,, Lu’an City, Anhui province TV station, a buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online studio hall being broadcast a spectacular politics program, the "ask political leaders program civilization to create" stubborn "as the theme, the masses to do" Examiner "in the face of the question, the cadres when candidates to answer one by one. Asked: "pain" does not shy away from in front of the television cameras, in the eyes of the audience, one of the leading citizens to Yu’an District sent a special gift. Originally, he was commissioned by the public, a pair of shoes as a gift gave him, hope no matter sunny or rainy, at the door of the vegetable market in the not muddy, sewage crosscurrent. This pair of shoes is full of people out of the people, the voice of the people. Reflect the aspirations of the people is the principle of buy air max shoes online political
Kobe Bryant Shoes leaders program, the theme must be closely related to people’s lives, must be an urgent need to solve the problem of pain points". The program group in determining the theme, sent reporters in-depth front-line unannounced visits to the investigation, master first-hand data, ask for political civilization to create "stubborn" well to do a lot of preparation. Each period of "leaders" programs, and always focus on the concerns of the masses, focusing on the people around me. Last year, around the masses i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes are strongly of the city fireworks
Mens Kobe Bryant 10 Shoes 151126023limited release, school governance environment, residential property management, public transport and other existing prominent problems, has held the 2 TV politics, take short TV + interviews with officials + guests + expert comment "mode of inquiry, accountability for Lu’an City, 19 municipal units, aroused strong social repercussions. "An important reason for the strong response, is the political theme is" people the pain of cutting one’s body. "."
http://www.demichelis.org/prossedi/modules.php?name=Your_Account&op=userinfo&username=liergallon1 Program group responsible person said. Ask the political theme is vegetable market transformation and upgrading the urban environment rectification extension, this is civilized "persistent ailment", is also the current Lu’an City’s rapid development, the rapid progress of urbanization "long-standing". Ask: "exposes a skeleton in the cupboard" does not cover the "filthy" farmers market "the transformation of a heart stopper," complain to safeguard the who? "…… One television video watch markets, street and alley filthy civilization created "stubborn", the field on the five "leaders" take the sweat, 20 asked administration representative gearing up, have raised their hands to indicate "have
Lebron James Shoes something to say". "The area of the central mountain of garbage, sewage crosscurrent vegetable market, these pictures too shocking, I was so shocked. As a citizen of Lu’an, see there is so dirty and poor places in the city, on the one hand feel
Merrell Shoes ashamed, on the other hand also very admire exposed scandalous unveil the courage. " Li Xiaoli, a live audience, said. Dirty and messy, the South Gate of the farmers market can be described as the new benchmark?? small temple food market what is the garbage transit or markets? PI cell to a mountain of garbage when can clean up…… In the face of the representatives of the people of sharp questions with a sharp comment experts, one "blockbuster" watch civilization "pain", to be in politics "top leaders" look dignified, serious answer. Asked political representatives have always followed i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes the focus of conflict to ask, chasing the problem to solve the problem, the gunpowder i like air max shoes is very buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online strong. "Dare to challenge the problem, the masses will applaud. Civilization should always adhere to the problem oriented, Lu’an City, the ‘TV asked politics’ is used to create a civilized, in the province opened a good start. " Provincial Civilization Office Deputy Director Yang Ming Shi Zheng