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electric Godfather and outlaws of the marshes in the world of Internet congress debates business model at the same time, and Jingdong has also taken this step line layout. Recently, the reporter understands, Taobao first member experience hall and Jingdong first Jingdong help service shop appeared almost at the same time. Taobao Experience Hall inherited the godfather style, focusing on creating a Jingdong help service shop is Liu Qiangdong pragmatic ideas presented, focused logistics, customer service. line with store opening the largest proprietary B2C electric Jingdong yesterday formally opens its first all electric Jingdong help service shop in Hebei Zhaoxian County. The reporter understands, the service shop similar to Jingdong face County consumer integrated services, to provide delivery, installation, repair, maintenance, replacement and other home appliances service for the consumer, the purpose is to let more rural consumers know the business channel and Jingdong. In addition, the store will be part of the commodity display, place an order and provide Valet service. earlier, orange lines Taobao membership VIP Experience Hall appeared in Guangzhou south train station, attract many eyes. Experience hall open to the Taobao members free of charge, to provide free WiFi, somatosensory game, sofa chair, can also convenient underground single shopping, mobile phone payment. according to the group chief marketing officer Wang Shuai introduced, experience hall will be the first time to showcase innovative shopping experience and mode of payment. Guangzhou South Railway Station is the first pilot area Taobao member experience hall plan. 280 square meters of experience hall divided into interactive brand interactive area, experience area, meal experience area, time and space shuttle area and membership leisure area. positioning effects of different Although the same for the line shop, but regardless of location, or the future development path, Taobao member experience hall and Jingdong help service shop completely different. It also followed the style characteristic has been the two enterprises. in Jingdong aspects, Jingdong help service shop is one of the important means of the channel sink. Jingdong said, the next three years will be in the country districts spread more than 1000 service shop. With the help of the entity shop strength, Jingdong everybody electric in the four five six line of the city logistics speed. Alibaba has said that experience hall will host the group under a lot of business innovation and product, Taobao, lynx Lynx new business experience and box, mobile payment and other content. As Ali to travel ah brand appearance after the first O2O Project Office will gradually expand to the national each big high iron sites and domestic key area experience Taobao members, at present the second batch of experience is being planned. from the north to the Graduate School of business point of view, Jingdong help service shop is facing the four five six line of the city is still not aware of the potential new customers Jingdong, aims to expand coverage, improve supply chain; Taobao members experience hall face is the core groups have been users, the purpose is to deepen the most active user experience. This also gives two enterprise entity shop have different positioning you Jingdong store Zero

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