Guangxi news network reporter Chen Feng p national moral models is currently scale is biggest, the specification is the highest and the selection of the most extensive national moral model honorary title, September 21, Nanning, Liuzhou Railway Bureau, locomotive and rolling stock works female workers Li Jianzhen, stand out from more than 300 official candidates, become filial piety and love the old pro The selection of office for three years, won the title of Liuzhou, Li Jianzhen only one person. is a daughter daughterinlaw Li Jianzhen’s relatives is a woman, the company is not qingugong. 20 years ago, Li Jianzhen and her husband Li Wen met and fell in love. That year, Li Wen’s father died, the mother by this attack, the physical condition plummeted. Not married into the Lee Li Jianzhen without any complaints, Li Wen has been helping to take care of his mother. second years, Li Jianzhen and Li Wen married, married and has been a woman living together. That law live is not easy, but the relationship between Li Jianzhen and Macabeo, than the real mother and daughter also pro three. Li We
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Nike Air Presto Men Shoes wife, as the daughter confided. later, Macabeo has a new wife, two families living under one roof, Li Jianzhen face has become more complex. 1997 and body originally very healthiness home public Liu Hongru sudden stroke, paraplegia, life can not take care of themselves; arguably, by Li Jianzhen motherinlaw care. But at that time the Macabeo has not yet retired, the job is busy, often tied up. The two daughter of Liu Hongru are working in the field, unable to return to longterm care. So, Li Jianzhen has provoked public responsibility to take care of the house. p Li Jianzhen usually need two shifts to work, in order to care for the elderly, she and colleagues for class, a long night, to facilitate the day to go to the hospital i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes to buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online take care of the elderly. The elderly paralyzed and unable to move, Li Jianzhen let he clothing to buy air max shoes online hand food to mouth, that same ward asked Liu
Nike Max 90 Current Moire Men Shoes Laobai: this is your father ah? for 20 years of filial pietyIn addition to ‘s family, the husband of Li Jianzhen Li Wen and a grandmother, 96 years old this year. The old woman suffering from i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes dementia, incontinence, must be all alone. In recent years, the old lady moved because of the demolition and Li Jianzhen all live. Li Jianzhen took her as his own grandmother. Later, the old lady moved back to their new home, Li Jianzhen also often used to live, take i like air max shoes care of their daily life. Although the old lady can’t remember other people, but for Li Jianzhen, but never forget. and Macabeo family lived for more than ten years,