Health education embarrassing? When the community, the door closed, pharmacies need to reflect on what this paper: Yan Bing Wu, published on the first Drugstore June 17, 2013. i love cheap jordans wholesale Had a chain boss took reporters to see community values, pointing i like air jordan shoes men to the residential area of the house to do what the estimate, from the balcony use rate to estimate residential living rate, according to the number in the 35 per household, roughly estimate the total population, and generally concluded the market share within the community. He concluded that most of this to take market share, strengthen the health education activities in the community, is the most favorable way. However, there is a situation that can not be ignored, in recent years with the community management increasingly standardized, many community security has to business activities to say no, and, what is more important, community residents to business promotional activities to beware of psychological increasingly heavy. To open the door to gate, is more important than to pry open the iron gate of the community, but also more difficult. Into the community is not easy on the phone, Hangzhou dedicated pharmacy chain Co., Ltd. General Manager Ma Shoufu of community is hard problem of feeling is quite deep. Hangzhou is a community dedicated to the chain s
Mens Air Jordan 3 Winter Style White Leopardtore business model, a new residential area surrounding the main layout in Hangzhou, so in the community to engage in i love jordan nubuck men activities, is an important method to quickly develop their community business chain. Each month, with all your heart and with all your soul’s headquarters will to all stores unified organization of a theme of community health education activities, the content is very rich, free medical examination, measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar, also invited an expert physician into bigger community health lecture, explain the prevention of subhealth and the elderly health care and to the community residents provide free health consultation. In addition, the shop will be in connection with the local district characteristics, by the manager and his staff regularly organize themselves into the community to do activities, although the content than the company’s monthly theme activities and simple, but the frequency is more intensive. I , from 1993 onwards, the pharmacy has already started to do i like lebron james 2016 to community health activities. Don’t underestimate discount kids air jordan shoes the importance of community activities, although these activities seem very simple, but just do it well, consumers really get health benefits will firmly in mind your brand, chain visibility can be discount lebron james website within the district to the community quickly spread. But Ma Shoufu also pointed out that compared to the past, the past few years, do community activities are increasing
Air Jordan 1 Winter Style Men the difficulty. On the one hand is the community management gradually standardized and strictly. Many community exclusion of foreign businessmen into, or even eliminate the leaflets behavior; on the other hand,
Air Jordan 3 Winter Style Men homogenization and heavy commercial flavor health activities, also let consumer community gradually lose interest. Fortunately, solving a problem, for many chain of community shops, mostly in the surrounding district established stable network relations, as a manager with reporters said, even community management and security does not allow foreign businessmen to enter, they still can pass or public or private channels, community to open the door, but after solving a problem is the key, community activities most popular, if residents to, everything is in vain. The general manager of CIIC large pharmacy chain Limited Jiang Meifang too. She said that not only is
Air Jordan Winter Style Shoes the chain pharmacies, other industries and businesses are very important to the community to do activities, but the article