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Internet highly developed era, WeChat has become an essential piece of software, its function is in ceaseless evolution, the most terrible is that evolution is all aspects of. From the initial chat tools, to WeChat circle of friends and WeChat public service, and then to today WeChat envelopes to snatch the mobile payment market, WeChat attempts to connect everything, not only to succumb to the social field, WeChat is building a forest. is one of the WeChat search nowadays very popular mobile products, but the line so far, has not open the door to many development, pay attention to its users. As the flow of Hongkou, WeChat internal activity has been chasing, WeChat search launch seems certain to allow users to better reading and get WeChat internal source of information, but so many advantages have not let WeChat search to achieve a breakthrough, a bright future can not be honored. the reason, the author lists several points before, here I would like to add some. The first is the development environment of WeChat search is not ideal. in the WeChat circle of friends in the value, the most important thing is to share and exchange, reading environment is secondary. Many of the contents in the WeChat is not directly caused by the size, but the user sees and forwarded to the circle of friends in a information platform, around the content of the communication channels, WeChat search more difficult for users to do the planning. Moreover, the real user base for large reading is still very weak, they are more willing to see the circle of friends what happened not large also wrote what the article, such as the Spring Festival WeChat red envelopes and micro off, unless it is for fun, will take the initiative to read. These are not conducive to WeChat search measures directly or indirectly led to the WeChat not in the process of product operations develop search we need stability. is the next WeChat search product. WeChat search product is too single, is only a content search products, when you open the WeChat search, you’ll find out it is actually not much value, because WeChat search is just to help you select what you want to share the contents of the large public, no help for pictures, video search demand. this is a particular era of mobile strategy, but not all things with mobile will be able to make money, think of WeChat search cannot generate favorable product function plate, how the user will like it? Once there is no added value, user jump out rate and loss of natural that one can imagine, WeChat search development remain stagnant. again is the user is seeking profit thoughts lead to WeChat search not clear. in fact, we did not think of a thing, WeChat search combined with WeChat marketing, search marketing is a very good way, promote the WeChat marketing development is followed, mainly to create benefits for the user. But eager to profit, in order to allow users to spend more money on WeChat, resulting in WeChat not clear the functions of their own, the practical value is low, WeChat search becomes.

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