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Introduction: at the critical point of combination of hardware and software, how to seize the opportunity and venture enterprise, how to run a good product? The northern lights ventures managing director Jiang Haotian, vice president of Qualcomm Corp Shen Jin shared their views. called soft and hard combination, how to combine? With the whole ecosphere and mature, which some link needs to break through, but where is the bottleneck? Their views vice president managing director and the company put forward. Northern Lights ventures managing director Jiang Haotian middle Shen Jin and vice president of Qualcomm Corp left in 2014DemoChina finals Q: soft and hard combination, how should do? Jiang Haotian: I think the main force in the field of combination of hardware and software is actually divided into two lines on the go. The first line is a guest. Unfortunately, most of them are made of combination of hardware and software products out of interest, sometimes have the properties of some amateurs. second line is a foreign company, represented by Google, including 360 domestic, millet, there are also some creative company, do some intelligent Home Furnishing etc. products. A major feature of the second line is, they don’t use a lot of open source software, in order to optimize the products will even do their own chip. And the first chain is not the same, it is to face the market, product commercialization. I think, the combination of hardware and software of the whole industry to really develop, mainly rely on the second line drive, the key is how the key application scenarios in some key areas of application, make consumer driven. The first line looks very lively, but from the end users still have a distance, insiders have fun, but people do not know. I think for the first industry chain, to provide some help for a guest, in terms of software, machine and cloud between, between machine and machine, machine and mobile phone between creating, help promote product development or prototyping process, to allow consumers to discover, communicate, and finally let consumers get real products. Shen Jin: I think keyword combination of hardware and software is two words. The key question is what is the intelligence source is mainly connected function?. There are two ways to realize the connection, is a smart mobile phone, second is connected. Innovation of the first wave of the combination of hardware and software basically can be regarded as intelligent mobile phone extension or expansion. In this regard, I think there is a lot of space innovation, because intelligent mobile phone, I think has become the greatest of human information platform, and growth momentum unabated. now, with the development of 4G, 5G, will make the connection speed and the connection function several times increase. Mobile phone per year Chinese replacement was about four hundred billion, based on the smart mobile phone hardware and software, there will be innovation space is very big. second

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