introduction: Feng Jianjun think, the future of micro business will enter the new normal, this is because businesses see opportunities. In the mobile Internet outlet, pigs can fly, but the sales model of consolidation will 35. micro message marketing channel at present is in a mess. after the secret CCTV WeChat circle of friends sales mask containing large amounts of hormones, said green thin chief adviser Zhou Hongming accept the First Financial Daily interview with reporters, the current state is in the stage of commercial brands step, he revealed to reporters, the company at the end of the micro business began trial operation. reporter observed, green thin to test the water micro business is just a microcosm of the current, including health, Han, Han beam have entered this field, even the Shanghai Jahwa has shown an interest in the micro business, one for the brand; the regular army is coming. Day of expert Feng Jianjun on the First Financial Daily the reporter said, micro business as a new channel, traditional brands have seen the opportunities, but the current sales model is not finalized, is expected to be 35 years after a period of consolidation. Zhou Hongming said, since the green thin internal micro business, has set up a department, and plan to set up a Independent Company operating derivative. we do business, on the one hand is because last year saw the fiery mask. at the same time, Zhou Hongming said, through micro business this way, hope that the product can quickly sink to the three or four line of the city, and even the rural market. Relying on the platform of electronic business affairs, the main sales from a second tier city, the future with the development of individual parttime business, we hope that through some training methods, so that people can through micro business sales, so as to better products to sink. green thin target is not small, Zhou Hongming expected, in 2015, green thin from the micro business sales accounted for 15%20%. he also wants, sales income, three or four line and the proportion of the rural market can be improved to four. At present, this part of the market share is very little. micro business enterprise not only a thin green. Reporter noted that, since last year, there have been a number of traditional brand to test the water micro business, such as Han beam, is expected in 2015 micro business sales target to 1500000000 yuan. Listing Corporation also paid attention to this piece of business, has a wife oral health recently has quietly in the recruitment of the micro business operations director, and a Lady White Beans solid beverage; micro business investment. General manager of Shanghai Jahwa deputy general manager and Herborist division Huang Zhen recently in an interview also said, on the micro business concern for a long time. this focus on the mobile Internet is the electronic commerce flow.