is only if the problem research and reveal, get the attention of people, to raise their status, and will not help solve the problem, and even the results might not be conducive to social stability, Renaissance is not conducive to the ethos and economic. Economics is the study of this, at least, is not complete. here will China 2008 second half of the year begins, and continuation of the economic growth rate down, defined as the recession. Because of that USA sub loan crisis, the global economic slowdown. At that time, most domestic scholars think, the downlink is the international economic downturn, and the formation of world demand deficiency leads to decline in exports caused by the Chinese. Pay no attention to the downward may be part of the reason Chinese internal, or even the main drag. With strong monetary and fiscal policy stimulus, during the M2 growth of larger scale, its release caused by domestic consumer prices and the rapid rise in prices; government, stateowned enterprises, banking and other economies debt rate also rose sharply, the bubble economy and the increasing financial risks. 2009 to 2011 growth rebound after, force as low as, by 2012, the growth rate fell below 8%; 2014 GDP growth slipped to 7.4%. we are faced with the most critical problem is how long, the speed of economic growth down time also, rate will be much? If China future economic growth rate down to 4% or 5%, or even, and is a longterm regular state, so, if India’s annual growth rate in the 6% to 9% growth rate, America if 3% to 4%, on the international economic competition in twentyfirst Century, China leaf construction of moderately developed countries, China 100 years of rejuvenation of the dream, will become the bubble. Can not enter the top ranks of the country. in late seventeenth Century, the Sino Russian Treaty of Nerchinsk from the symbol of the Russian invasion of China land until 1945 August, the victory of the Anti Japanese War, 200 years of history in the period, the Chinese nation to decline from the brilliant. The weak lower, people’s livelihood is difficult, the alien invasion, land loss, plunge the people into misery and suffering, humiliated. 1949 October in Chinese under the leadership of the Communist Party, the establishment of the people’s Republic of China, in 60 years time, has experienced many ups and downs and the rain outside. From the reform and opening up policy in 1978, to 2014, average annual rate of economic growth of more than 9.6%, per capita GDP, then from around $200, increased to $7485. Although the process of development, we have such problems, but one of the Chinese economic growth is also a miracle in world economic history, Chinese development model and its achievement has attracted the attention of global. national prosperity, people’s rich and happy, beautiful ecological environment in the middle of the twentyfirst Century, China Renaissance, is the Chinese nation for more than 300 years of dreams and the great goal. To realize the grand blueprint, foundation or national economy high speed sustainable growth. this national classics