is the root, Chinese forever erase the plot, he represents a kind of nostalgia, old people, always want to return to their homeland, far away in a foreign land, even to death, and let his ashes buried in his hometown in the land. The root, in biology, is the source of plant and nutrient absorption of the transformation of the Internet access, if the China described as a sky tree case, netizens are nutrients, that her roots in where? we have Chinese Internet history, back to twenty years ago, there is a group of people, hiding in their own homes or rented a small office, began his entrepreneurial path. There is a boy called ma to Yiwu and sell flowers and gifts, and later got a translation agency, try to do a translation agency content on the Internet, a get out of hand. A man named Ma Huateng Indoorsman developed a technology called the OICQ instant messaging tools, profit model is what all not to good. 99 years, a man named Robin Li six or seven in Peking University Resource Hotel, personal, a search engine business, later in the story is very bright and brilliant! is the wave of the Internet, has been put behind these grassroots experience to deep, but we can not forget those unknown to the public of the grassroots webmaster more, it is the socalled grassroots, whether it is past, or now, become a source of China Internet trees, to the Internet altruistic blood transfusion and barbaric growth. Why is the future of localization Chinese vast territory and abundant resources, 600000000 of the base of Internet users, and let the rest of the world, the Internet to Chinese brings not only convenience of the information age, it is a new revolution, is different from the previous industrial revolution, the revolution is not only the means of production capacity of the change, it is a invisible a virtual world, and perhaps later history book such a definition: the end of the twentieth Century, the era of the Internet revolution that is the first time the fourth industrial revolution. Huge market Chinese, bearing not only on the change of economic leap, more all Chinese creativity. China 600 million users, distributed in more than 3000 counties Chinese each town, township, village A huge user hierarchy show in front of everyone, although China Internet has been developed by leaps and bounds, as long as there is a network place, such levels significantly user group diversification, creating a China Internet users form. and with the user population growth and population flow, aging and other social phenomenon Chinese, promote changes in the Internet industry, and the transformation of traditional business pattern: the impact of the electricity supplier industry, shopping is no longer profitable, become chicken ribs; businesses begin to pay attention to their reputation, try to use simple tools such as the Internet, marketing WeChat microblog the traditional media; Chinese for three consecutive years, began to decline, the newspaper began publication; from the media growth, effect of China media industry; BAT wantonly acquisition of mobile industry, mobile Internet tickets war began, but the pattern is still unknown; Internet banking, big data has become a hot word,