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lead: 2015 years is the industry that is a crucial year for domestic intelligent mobile phone big reshuffle and intelligent ecological development. 2015 is the industry that is a crucial year for domestic intelligent mobile phone big reshuffle and intelligent ecological development. In the convergence of many domestic industry players and the industry point of view, the reporter carding summed up the ten major aspect of intelligent terminal: industry in 2015 1, intelligent and ecological in the Google’s $3200000000 purchase of Nest driven, millet 2014 first launched its smart ecological platform strategy, and drives the rapid followup Meizu, Huawei, Haier, TCL, Alibaba different industries and enterprises. A major aspect of intelligent ecological is the rise of 2015 duel with millet ecological: how to through with millet as a representative of the imperial mode how to invest 100 hardware enterprises, investment more mobile Internet enterprise, and how to realize the integration and beauty, the intelligent rapid advance of ecological strategy of commercial. To Haier Meizu Alibaba represented Republican pattern can suck more Dona heavyweight partners to achieve the unified standard and industry linkage, and the polymerization potential of millet enough complete mode showdown. 2, the issuance of FDD licenses from the December 4, 2013 issue TDLTE licences, has been 14 months, several times during the media reports have claimed that the specific issue of the point in time, but so far the only boots did not fall. According to the China Mobile released the latest data, as of 2014 12 at the end of its 4G users has been the development of more than 100000000 households, more than 10% domestic 4G permeability, 4G users accounted for more than 90%, the number of 4G base station construction of more than 700000, the basic coverage of the country and township market. Data from the point of view, even if Chinese Unicom and China Telecom can be awarded a FDD licence in February, also difficult to change the China Mobile 4G era back into a monopoly situation. The only variables that China Telecom, the whole new mobile subscribers in 2014 only 40000, the 2015 target is 120000000 new mobile users, the number of 4G users reached 100000000, for China Telecom 2015 terminal and pricing strategies will move toward a more radical, it will bring new opportunities for the domestic variables and the fierce and complicated competition pattern. 3, intelligent mobile Internet Yellow Pages can change? with the 2014 July open millet life function of yellow pages, each terminal manufacturers, the Internet giant, mobile Internet enterprises and telecom operators in 2015 will be mobile phone yellow pages as users O2O entrance important life. At present, Tencent Meizu, Qihoo 360, Baidu, Alibaba, China Mobile and other enterprises for user life service platform based on the smart yellow pages as the center. In addition to millet investment telephone help, contact Bao Technology CEO Wang Jialiang to observe one said,

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