lead: Chen Yuanhe wanted to emphasise platform brand instead of teacher’s personal brand. can be said that every Venture Company heart or deep or shallow hidden a platform dream. Ask him to teach the founder Chen Yuanhe in before the start, worked for many years the Internet webmaster, at the end of last year, he took 8 individual entrepreneurial team from Xiamen to Beijing to start a business. Chen Yuanhe is not education industry background, but he understood the market potential here. Chen Yuanhe did ask him to teach is one for the online tutoring market platform in primary and secondary schools, in a more transparent way docking for parents and teachers to the needs of both sides. even in the field of online education, the mode competition is intense enough. The first is everybody be obvious to people in the market capacity, market of primary and secondary schools, afterschool tutoring is one of the important educational consumption, in addition to participate in a collective form of remedial classes, many parents will be more willing to choose a pair of a form tutor home tutoring. and the market below the line of the field is scattered and vague: various forums and below the line advertising is one of the parents and teachers find each other’s way, but this also means greater randomness, opaque information, followup quality is guaranteed; intermediary is a main way of existence, where you can choose the teacher, also there is a certain service guarantee, but the intermediary rely mainly on pumping into a profit model also increases the probability of both increasing dissatisfaction, parents pay more money, the teacher get paid less. so it has possibilities of the Internet mode in. In asking him to teach tutor before, O2O market has many participants, who learn with, the teacher came, Shenzhou good teaching But because the competition is still in the early stages, the pattern of undetermined, Chen Yuanhe think there still exists a chance. standardization and transparency is the first step of and other Internet counterparts, the first step to ask him to teach also stepped in the standardization of information and transparency. The socalled is divided into two parts, part of the is a standard parents demand, as in the Jingdong shopping, parents’ demand for tutoring has been sorted into different category, grade, subject, time, price requirements of teacher’s expectation All has been sorted into one option, to help parents better pick teacher; another part is the standardization of tutor service display, through the label, classification, score the way, each teacher seniority, subjects, the past evaluation, prices are also a wisp of separate, stick out a mile. for the supply and demand sides of the rendering is more clear, bring standardization is transparent, service level and charging parents demand more transparent, the teacher can provide more transparent. This is also the most in form of O2O Internet Co, the first step into the traditional field taken. in addition, asked him to teach is also embedded with IM tools and the means of payment, parents and teachers can communicate directly, in the purchase of class.