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lead: Internet lottery was suspended optimistic estimates the moratorium on the sale of the policy will last for 23 months, the pessimistic estimate is 1 years. domestic Internet lottery industry experienced a purge in recent years of the most severe. As of March 1st, the Internet sale of color are mainly domestic website has suspended the sale of the color business. Large scale sale why? There were many discussions. Current opinion, but regulators did not speak publicly on the matter. 2014 years, the domestic Internet lottery market scale has reached 85000000000 yuan, involving more than listing Corporation. The whole industry sale, this huge industry future development in doubt. in the capital market, there are more than 20 only lottery concept stocks listed in the United States, including the 500 lottery nets, A shares, shares, shares Hongbo Anne Yao Ji poker, Hong Kong stocks China Holdings, the color of shares, the first video and so on, the idea of supervision is not clear, also let many investors have entered a policy the bet. 850 billion industry was halted the largescale sale, let a 85000000000 Industrial Development cease abruptly. China lottery industry salon founder Su Guojing, the Beijing News reporter said, this does not directly say the Internet lottery is illegal to kill, no similar stop notice, but through selfexamination and self correction way to cut off the source lottery products supply. supervise the reason through this way, perhaps because of the complex situation of the Internet sale of color in the law. sales by way of Internet lottery, was once thought to be illegal, but as in 2010 the Ministry of Finance issued Interim Measures Internet sales of lottery management, Internet sales was officially recognized as a lottery sales mode, put forward 6 qualification requirements and on the Internet for sale, including registered capital shall not be less than 50000000 rmb. The also stipulates that, without the approval of the Ministry of finance, no unit shall not carry out the Internet sales of lottery business. 2012 year in September 29th, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice, agreed to the State Sports General Administration of sports lottery Internet sales of two companies in the pilot, are in the lottery lottery operation management of the company’s Web site Chinese SMG network and easy sky’s website 500 lottery network. although only two sites get pilot reply, but with the rapid development of the market, including Taobao lottery, lottery, lottery Tencent NetEase, the Internet sale of color platforms have rise, according to the data of lottery industry consulting company Pantone consultation, the current domestic Internet ticket sales website has reached more than 300. 2015 year in January 15th, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of civil affairs, the State Sports General Administration issued the notice on the relevant issues of selfexamination and self correction work carried out using without authorization the behavior of Internet sales of lottery. In February 25th, the Spring Festival holiday after the first day

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