technical deliberately suppressed to more than 2600 points, never rebound, which is a bit strange. Had the confidence very much like the above, except for critical moment two barrels of oil a pointer to prop up the market technology, did not see management layer of the trend of the stock market express any views. Even the weekend news conference said. The commission only said two financial and equity pledge completely disk crash a month slump, especially below 3000 since, under the broken 2850 pool of 2630 low, field main didn’t do any kind of technical rebound, which completely broke the traditional habits and market trend. The volume does not rebound only weak, Huanchou, whether it is large and longterm funds Jiancang admission? fear to the extreme market, every day is the place of execution! Liquidation is not much, a little taste of the shooting line. When this round is
Kobe Bryant 7 Shoes Men Online Sale only from a technical point of view, the absolute short term is a bear market. But from the point of view of valuation and the situation has been oversold to 2008 bear market valuation point about, from the cycle of the economy and environment, re
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Kobe Bryant Shoes Online Sale weight index stocks and a wheel from 50003373 37002850 different local is fear fell on no volume, last year after digestion, which means basically nothing stuck disc! If it is longterm layout under the road a few funds to invest, appropriate I love Nike air foamposite pro to expand the role of the institutions of the future stock market, and the interpretation allows, index and large blue chip can Jiancang ceiling goods easy to 32003500 I like Nike foamposite one a line and stable. This is despair, perhaps I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women the way out! br morning Shanghai two barrels of oil and banking stocks such as the authority weight index stock rebound is very small, pulling the index of other supply side reforms, a large central enterprises shares. strong supply side reforms to capacity, from several large plate, losses and reduced losses, the valuation of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets growth at the macro level, increase the profits and I buy Nike air foamposite one efficiency of all the listed companies! Last year, the Shanghai and Shenzhen all profits fell by about 9%, basically in the oil and other benefits. strong Run decline caused, such as iron and coal plate their loss of tens of billions of cause, actual decline should be more than 9% many, the profits of the firms fill the overall profit. br second Yang a folder Yin to 2750 small rebound temporarily can breathe a sigh of relief, counted as dropping 2600 ultimate collapse type move
Kobe Bryant 7.5 Shoes Men Online Sale over. Today, the market of small cap stocks to rebound.