Ma had a dream to buy a luxury hotel. This is not a dream today, Alibaba group and has built his own hotel in Xixi park. But things are not so simple, the hotel has not yet opened, Ali travel? Yes and 5500 hotels across the country began to close. recently, Ali officially released to travel ah? Avenir Hotel strategy: the hotel industry to build a future oriented, credit system based on service experience, will share the huge user resources and partners, with the method of innovation to promote the integration of the hotel industry and the Internet depth. The first stage combined with sesame credit line credit service. Good credit users travel booking hotel in Ali credit, can experience the zero deposit unsecured rapid checkout service. as of now, the country has nearly 5500 hotels to join the credit program, including ShangriLa, Starwood, Jinling, Kaiyuan, Radisson and other highend hotel group, such as home, live in China, Boudin, Ginza, easy to Baideng Econo Hotel group. It is understood, Ali also travel will integrate Ali platform five, challenge the traditional OTA online travel agent mode, continuing to enhance the hotel operation efficiency and user experience. Alibaba air travel business group president Li Shaohua concluded: the user experience to the user, let the hotel hotel operation. Look, Ma Yun’s ambition is also greater. hotel is very simple, but the real and the hotel industry as a friend or a marriage may not be so simple. Internet era, the traditional OTA Ctrip, where to go will be raging like a storm, and at the same time, the hotel industry and their close contacts, but had to face the tangled reality love to kill. A strong source of OTA has a great supplement to the hotel, on the other hand, OTA also let the hotel industry is facing a series of solutions of the pain points, such as low efficiency, high commission information does not flow, a long account etc At the same time, the user is still faced with the question: whether artificial credit guarantee security, temporary changes to process complex, long cycle, leaving a long waiting time, and so on. Ali travel to change this situation, Avenir Hotel is its users to share, data capacity and marketing platform based on a onestop solution for hotel industry to create a. from the beginning of the first step Avenir Hotel, Avenir Hotel and credit sesame credit cooperation. Sesame credit is the first personal credit score, similar to the FICO USA, sesame sub level represents the user’s credit level. Users in the Ali travel By Appointment Hotel, sesame seed points to reach 600 points can choose the credit. The user first admitted after the payment, without the need to guarantee zero deposit, leaving no need to queue up, just put the card into the foreground, the system will automatically deduct the cost from the user PayPal account. Avenir Hotel Hotel and the users.