Jin Canrong: China in the South China Sea why a shot on the United States scared Phoenix: the two think the Democratic Party and the Republican party who came to power in China is more favorable? Jin Canrong: in the words of Chairman Mao: I want to deal with the right. That is, the Republican Party, because the Republican Party is a businessman, said the interests of. The Democratic Party is in trouble, and the principle of benefit. The interests are the principle of exchange, but there is no law to exchange. Principle does not adhere to the principle of what is called? So from the past experience in terms of dealing with a little bit like a Republican party. Of course, I guess the problem is not very big, mainly i love cheap jordans wholesale because
Lebron James 10 Mid Top Shoes Men of the rise of china. Ten years ago in the Sino US relations are absolutely the United States and China is weak, so every time the topic of conversation is basically an American decision, a bit like a teacher to students. Now is not the same, this is actually a result of China’s rising power, China began to engage in their own layout. For example, the South China Sea Island, The Belt and Road, Asian American banks and other BRIC, a little afraid. When discount lebron james website we talk about rules in common in fact the United States began to recognize the status of your upgrade. 2015 is hot problem is the South China Sea, and the second is the network, and a recent result is
Mens Lebron James 10 Mid Top Shoes Grey Yellowin Paris summit between China and the United States jointly support a legal constraints of motion climate cooperation, this is Barack Obama, I have paid special attention to the issue. Cooperation between China and the United States is the key to this success. He told President Xi made two phone calls, the first call i love jordan nubuck men is to ask i like lebron james 2016 for help, negotiation i like air jordan shoes men in Kanzi, you have
https://www.rebelmouse.com/cheaplebronjamesshoes12/the-history-of-lebron-james-sneakers-1435052643.html to let the two step, a second call is thank, said Xi brother really to face. so you look at the one hand, we have a quarrel, but on the other hand, good cooperation. But also more fortunate is that there is a problem in fact transformed, is the network. Very fierce, but at the end of the year, Guo Kunsheng, state councilor to talk about the suppression of cyber crime, and now become a point of cooperation. is now a little trouble is the South China Sea, but
Lebron James 10 Shoes Women the South China Sea issue in fact, the initiative in our right here. Would it be that we could build the island over there? He won’t come. Before Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei 4 guys built the island there for 45 years, the United States does not manage them. problem is that China does not move, we have shot him scared. According to the American view of their 4 brothers 45 years 540 months to build a 100 acre, 18 months time we built 3 thousand acres. So the United States is urgent, he said that you change the earth in the physical right? And then China said that I was a civilian, serving the people, he did not believe that. So this time he came to the aircraft, from the whole process of the development of the South China Sea is our strong engineering capabilities, the physical changes in the South China Sea landscape led to his reaction. So in a tactical look is his initiative but from a strategic perspective discount kids air jordan shoes is that we take the initiative. In fact, Sino US relations or go forward, the whole situation seems to be more favorable to china. Since the
Lebron James 10 Shoes Men big situation has changed China can be more calm, Democratic Republic who came to us are welcome, we are willing to make friends with you. Phoenix: but we see Hilary with