November 12, 2011, Zhou Yongkang middle, in Bo Xilai right accompanied the inspection etc March 17th, Chinese discipline inspection report the president of the Supreme People’s Court published articles of Zhou Qiang, first proposed by Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai engaged in non political organizing. In March 18th, the highest law work to the people’s Court released annual report 2014 white paper, the report reiterated, education officers to fully understand Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai and others trample on the rule of law, the destruction of the unity of the party, serious harm to engage in non political organizing. in March 19th, the Beijing News since the eighteen big since, our country anticorruption activities, carried out like a raging fire, but also achieved good results. From the small tiger to fly to beat the big tiger; from the reign of retirement; from the domestic to have fled abroad Coupled with the punishment not standing committee, event not tiger unspoken rule breaking, anticorruption work, has won enough popular support. This result highlights the central departments, from illness to resolve, this is consistent with the expectations of all parties. For now, dare not rot trend has taken shape, the system construction can’t rot is on the way, do not want to rot cultural atmosphere is also building. with the advance of corruption, some new words appear, activities of political non organization so times. The word in March 17th and March 18th for two consecutive days, began to attract public attention: non political organization activities is what meaning? What do u mean? Zhou Yongkang, Bo Xilai and other non organization engaged in political activities is what? In this regard, famous expert of Party building, Central Party School professor Zhang Xixian said, in the past research, has not contacted the ‘non political organization activities’ word, non organizational activities in Party building is the idiom, non political organization activities is the first time I have heard. at this point, if you want to know the non political organization activities means, we must first know the non organizational activities is what mean. The word back is actually very easy to see, but the meaning is similar to the Tuan Tuan Gang Gang, is the cadre of a few leaders engage in turf, with each other to form cliques, will continue to promote; for outsiders, is being crowded out. This reality, lead to good fight as popular with the right people atmosphere. The formation of mountain, circle culture, is a manifestation of non organization activities, but if let go of their development, it may evolve into a non political organization activities. for non tissue