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Comic a county a year has 10 bit director, deputy director of the proposed switched to the director, deputy director of clerks and other virtual position; development and reform secretary, financial secretary, powerful figure for "real change virtual"… Recently banyuetan reporters in a number of county investigation learned that in comprehensive strictly under the new situation, the super bonus, super distribution of positions, and so unconventional cadre incentive means unworkable, some cadres deeply to promote the i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes work of the lack of "starting point", together with the power supervised, "no water fishing has become the norm. So, hope from the risk and pressure of substantive switched to idle but benefits a lot
Nike Air Force Ones Shoes of virtual office, has become some grass-roots director, deputy director of the officialdom mentality. "Head once met
Kevin Durant Shoes with Commissioner to do" in a county in the west, the last year there have been 10 secretaries and deputy director of the leadership to the county put forward by substantive switched to a virtual office, in the local
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes cadres cause greater impact. "Which including Secretary of justice, the Secretary of work safety, animal husbandry secretary, everyone is verbally, no formal application in writing, may also test means." A local cadre is said, finally said the county Party Secretary, who was named audit who then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. In Hunan and Guangxi provinces at the junction of county, the original County Investm
kids Nike Air Max Zero 151022046ent Promotion Bureau is a 70 young cadres, this is all in the eyes of the "political star". In 2014, the director of the initiative to apply to the county of Wei appointed director. "For more than 20 years, I first met someone who did not want to do the work to the Secretary." A local cadres said, "although just section level cadres, but to the grassroots cadres, many people a lifetime also sit to the position." During the interview, a county Party secretary told reporters admits, he ruled the county last year two Zheng Keji cadres for substantive change in a virtual office, the city also a county has 7 section level cadres, the "real change virtual". "Some county Party Secretary may not accept, that the impact is not good, but I think this is normal." The county Party secretary said, "now some cadres not official, should be eliminated a number." This another county Party secretary buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online said that as long as officials to he put forward "real change virtual" i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes requirements, he will agree, if more than a dozen of the director, the deputy director of the set pressure is big, "may be separately considered, the key is afraid in cadres have a negative impact." In reporter interviewed a dozen counties, in recent years in buy air max shoes online different degrees exist some section level cadres has "real change virtual", or proposed the "real change virtual" requirements. In this regard, a long-term in the Organization Department i like air max shoes cadres told reporters that this is indeed the new phenomena, new problems, past "real change virtual" is a case, director of the switched to chief clerk in some counties and even not seen for many years. And the reason is health, family buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online and other objective factors, now this phenomenon increased significantly, and the "pressure" boring "and other subjective reasons the excuses and reasons. "This to a certain extent, reflects the mentality of some of the current cadres." The cadre said. Director of high pressure, high risk, director of clerks lull, the treatment is not bad accept reporter to interview some grass-roots cadres that some cadres take the initiative to apply for substantive or switched virtual office, there are indeed working pressure, but the pressure is high is because these cadres in front of the provisions of the eight used money to run the project, heavily reward investment is very professional

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