Once human occupation: screenwriter area: Shanghai City Introduction: Shanghai Alice company senior writer, 2004 began to participate in the work of writers, has directed the village, Aeolus copy night dark flower and other works. Good to see. From the cultural phenomenon with? It is the wrong word, because it is by the emperor handwritten, which is suspended in the important places of national front. At the top of the Meridian Gate? In Chengde Mountain Resort palace, hanging a plaque, plaque surrounded by blue plaque Gilt Bronze Dragon in relief, the heart has four golden characters: Mountain Resort. but a glance will find, to avoid the right Xin is to write a cross. This mistake is Kangxi Yushu, wrote to Kangxi for fifty years. Kangxi write a cross, the officials should immediately read out, but the emperor is the valuable advice, who did not dare to remind the emperor was wrong, the result was the best in all the land of the typo. in the Qing Dynasty, Chengde Mountain Resort is one of the most important political sites, the Royal reception of the leaders of ethnic minorities, such as Mongolia, Tibet, Xinjiang, are in the Mountain Resort, I do not know who the leaders see the typo will feel.? [the claim] words fish? is one of the ten West Lake, a piece of monument, is the Kangxi emperor yubi. Four monument of the traditional coke word into three points, a little less. Kangxi will not write the word, but to the wrong. Kangxi Buddha, therefore, when he wants to. There are four little fish below, four on behalf of fire, the fish in the fire roasted, can live? So the intention to write a little less, three points into the water, so that the fish can swim in the lake, and live. [most philosophical words flow]? In Jiangsu Yangzhou Daming Temple Hall, main hall on the left side of the romantic Wan in the horizontal inscribed board, from the early years of Emperor Guangxu two rivers governor Liu Kun’s hand, Liu Kunyi is said to be remembered for ever in Yangzhou ruled by Ou Yangxiu. Wan in the air? this four words in two words: flow little, in word more. Original, historical celebrities? Ou Yangxiu is a merry Prefecture in Yangzhou, in May, eatable Yangzhou beauty feet had made a lot of romance. Liu Kunyi the Wan in the romantic? in the flow to write a little less, in word more, meaning selfevident, want less romantic and more real, full of philosophy. This word wrong?, be just perfect, so far no one make carping comments on, back into a story.? [the most amazing words the rich]? Shandong Qufu Confucius, can be said to be the world’s most local culture, but visitors to the mansion, did not enter the door will be able to see the obvious typo. the door is hanging above a blue gold Shengfu horizontal inscribed board, both sides have a couplet wrote: a break to enjoy wealth and honor and country mansion, the same day the Holy Family and old morality