p dimension Yiwei year October public in November, the author has privilege to participate in justice network and the Beijing High Court buy air max shoes online Organization Law blog blog into court in Beijing characteristics activities, see, hear, observation is a harvest, especially in the table below. The is the late autumn season, still leaves the branches, but suddenly to rain and snow, cold winter wear is inclined, the future momentum. Law blog blog, begins with a cold and the cold word, during which is filling the warm, activities of compact, enthusiastic, considerate of the court, open, when a warm word. p gossip less
Cheap Kevin Durant 6 Men From China the, the divided into two days of, 5 days in the morning to visit the West Court Street Court, afternoon court of Zhongguancun Haidian court; on the 6th morning, Chaoyang Court Shuangqiaoshan court afternoon Changping court Dongxiaokou court. Four courts have their own characteristics, the organizers of the intentions. p Xicheng Court Street Court due to financial capital area is located in the center, the area has more than 230 financial institutions, financial assets accounted for more than 80% of Beijing, more than 50% of the country’s is
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Mens Kevin Durant V MKD014nt of court trial. To this, the author has been involved in the following activities: to attend court daily meetings and mortgage acquisition in good faith business seminars, visit the court and its office, audit service of judicial suggestions discussion, and exchange of judges and other activities. A more profound impression is court presiding judge handling the responsibility system, served judicial suggestions discussion, adopt registration system since this surge in the number of etc
http://www.tuangou1743.com/news/html/?474.html p Hedin Zhongguancun court set up in 2013, is Beijing’s first to i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes adjudication of intellectual property cases sent to court trying network media personality right and jurisdiction of traditional civil cases involving intellectual property and. The court in the network and science and technology is very i like air max shoes characteristic, because of the celebrities, stars and more attention. buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online p Chaoyang Shuangqiaoshan court is located in the Chaoyang District in the eastern part of the integration of urban and rural areas and smaller court, whether it is staffing or office conditions are stretched to the point. Shuangqiao court honor room, office and Convention very fruitful area of judge buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online system is impressive. p Changping Dongxiaokou tribunal
Cheap Kevin Durant V Shoes Men From China was established in 2009, under the jurisdiction of the urban and rural area is a typical combination. The court of housing lease contract dispute hearing very characteristics. Its office conditions, the ring waiting room, Party building work, mediation room, etc The above is the author brief introduction of the court and visit the impressions. The rest, mainly talk about the author’s harvest, what you mean. first, the court and its structure. Because four court for the district i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes court sent to court, overall construction of smaller, which Finance Street Court is still in court of Xicheng District Office mainly concentrated in layer 6, Zhongguancun court nor individual court building; Shuangqiaoshan court is relatively remote, Dongxiaokou maximum courts, both have independent courtyard. Is inside the court, the office area is comparatively narrow, Shuangqiaoshan court as the most difficult, Dongxiaokou court the most spacious. Among them, the Financial Street court because of the presiding judge handling the responsibility.