p Market Review: on Friday, the two cities opened low go received in Yinxian, Shanghai refers to the newspaper 2900.97, fell 3.557%, deep Cheng zhishou 9997.92 points, fell 3.35 percent, this week, clinch a deal 28245.04 billion yuan compared with last week reduced 8322.97 billion yuan 22.76%, CSI the weekly triple yin, this week fell 8.96%, 8.18%; small blackboard 6632.11 points, down 2.86%, gem closing 2112.9 points, fell 2.86 percent, this week respectively fell 2.65%, 7.89%, weekly SME board triple yin, do poineering work board received a fourth roots Yinxian. Friday three futures i like lebron james 2014 fell across the board, IH1602 fell 1.98%, IC1602 fell 2.06%, a href rel = CSI 300 main contract IF1602 fell 2.92% and 90.93 points premium and 21230 hand positions, growing 4783, total holdings 34554 hands, from gold Friday after hours position rankings, IF1602 the contract before the 20 long seat Zengcang 3255 hand to 16041 hand, top 20 seats short Zengcang 2880 hand to 15311 hand, the total amount of positions than last week reduced 11.42% bulls Zengcang slightly larger than the short, showing
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Jordan Big Ups Shoes Wholesale year opening four plate for two consecutive weeks plummeted, market prise evaporates exceed 10 trillion, small record shares into the hardest hit, many stocks fell more than 50%, investors suffered heavy losses, the market was shrouded the extreme pessimism panic, in a market collapse edge, urgent substantive policy to
http://www.gz07.net/news/html/?1771.html rescue the market to restore market confidence. i love jordan nubuck men trend analysis: the stock market Thursday a 2867.55 the low of adjustment, and last year at the bottom of the stock market crash in 2850 only one step away Friday lowered the minimum 2883.87 although not low, but almost Thursday Fanchou covered candle last year bailout bottom again in an emergency and below; technology, weekly and daily short order trend down, timesharing structure severely oversold, relying on the market itself repair no policy, new funds and other external force, promote, even discount kids air jordan shoes if shortterm Fanchou is still hard to change the tide. The new year A shares plummeted, regulators have been in the market for propaganda cheer, i like air jordan shoes men the central bank also shot reverse repurchase, to ease liquidity pressures of the market, the two
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Jordan Flight Shoes Wholesale over hundreds of listing Corporation said holdings and several listed companies began to increase, the overall valuation of A shares has been at historic lows, but investor confidence dropped to the freezing point, steel in the weekend National discount lebron james website Work Conference on Securities and futures regulators said, should have a profound summary and Reflection on the experience and lessons of abnormal fluctuations in stock market so far, regulators also did not move a release, take the i love cheap jordans wholesale market logic self regulating of the stock market, may lead to systemic risk, the financial balance of the two or below trillion mark, there are 593 listing Corporation equity pledge to cordon or open line, melting