See visitors visit blog: 109647 bloggers integral: 518 Bowen number: 78 opening time: 20110623 announcement for nearly two months, hospitals can be described as not calm: anus incident slit; 10 million treatment scheme, 8 cents to solve the problem of event; Tongren female doctor assassination Both sides say, be quite different. Specific events, is not the enemy, will be settled soon. However, between doctors and patients become unhappy, suspicion, attack against constantly, but we must pay particular attention to the. In fact, if not from the system reform, clarify ownership rights, make doctorpatient the decent, so it is difficult to curb the various gates open, can not be restored to heal the wounded and rescue the dying the original meaning. After all, the doctorpatient relationship referred to so busy, not both doctors and patients complain to each other about the socalled unscrupulous doctors and patients with terror could be explained by. The reality may be just the opposite. The first said patients, they are often very helpless. Before entering the hospital door, he may have been
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