See visitors visit blog: 2701598 bloggers integral: number of 12299 Bowen: 1082 opening time: 20080501 public health cold is a very common disease, the average one year are will cold twice, but if you are often cold, will find led to a sense of adventure, i like lebron james 2016 in order to better fight a cold. Nanning, southern hospital, experts said, cold new incentives, sit, boil, sorrow, touch, and eat them cold! Sit: American experts found through a large number of clinical observation, activities, and fewer people, suffering from colds than normal activities to 2 3 times. Reduce the time for outdoor activities, the lack of sunshine, fresh air, the body will lead to poor blood circulation, can not adapt to the indoor environment, reduce the body’s immune resistance, so it is easy to catch a cold. i like air jordan shoes men Boil: some people love to stay up late, often boil didn’t go to bed until one or two a.m Lack of sleep, the rest is not good, will cause the lower body resistance, caused by cold. Chinese medicine believes that the pathogenesis of influenza is mainly the human camp, who due to lack of coordination between the two air, and enough sleep can coordinate the two gas, reduce the incidence of colds. Sorrow: medical re
Glow in the Dark Jordan 3 White Bluesearch has found that emotion and immune function is a pair of twin brother. People often worry, easily lead to decreased immune function, discount lebron james website body killing, phagocytosis ability
Glow in the Dark Jordan 3 Men of pathogenic microorganisms and inflammatory cells will weaken and interferon levels will be reduced, resulting in respiratory tract defenses temporary decline, to pervasive respiratory virus with discount kids air jordan shoes Touch: medical research shows that through the touch of a hand most likely to catch a cold. Influenza viruses are widespread in patients with cold nose, the temperature and humidity of the most appropriate nasal flu virus and the virus propagation, often spread out from here. The influenza virus can survive in a handkerchief for 1 hours, the survival in the hands of 70 hours. Therefore, the most effective method to prevent colds, flu patients don’t shake hands or shake hands immediately i love jordan nubuck men after the wash, and wash the handkerchief. Eat: a study of German experts suggest that cold and diet are closely related, some cold is caused due to improper diet. Excessive consumption of meat and dairy products, will reduce the immune cells in vivo antiviral ability, cause a cold. Excessive intake of high salt foods, will lead to a reduction in saliva secretion, increase the mucosa of the oral and nasal congestion, edema, upper respiratory tract infection caused by pathogenic microorganisms, resulting in a cold. Eating too many foods that are high in sugar, will consume the body of water and nutrition, cause dry mouth, body immunity reduce, and induced by cold. 5 new colds above is the expert to give us a good introduction, if your cold, just to see these factors. Click to see the original Southern laughing baby children due to the weak immunity, catch cold catch cold catch a cold may cause respiratory i love cheap jordans wholesale system disease,
Glow in the Dark Jordan Men such as tracheitis, bronchitis. Sputum can be put in the respiratory tract, too many secretions and sucked into the foreign body and pathogenic bacteria discharged, can play a protective role on the respiratory system. But most people believe that cough should seize the drugs to relieve a cough, but
Glow in the Dark Jordan 4 Men photoinhibition cough expectorant, may cause sputum retention in the respiratory tract, blocking the airway, stopping cough after anti the