The upper reaches of the rocky beach hydropower station, a lot of villages have been submerged in the reservoir area under the. So far, the rock beach hydropower station has been put into the water for 24 years. Recently, a street (Micro Signal Number: buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online qianjieyihao) reporter received Hechi City of Guangxi Dahua County, Bama County, Donglan County immigration report, said the three counties of Yantan reservoir resettlement funds in the 1990s to 2006, was borrowed more than buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online 3000 million yuan, only a small part of the back. As of press time reporter, the three counties are not on the loan and the repayment of the specific amount i like air max shoes of response. The local government reply to immigration, borrow money according to the relevant documents of the i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes State Council, is to immigration production, living arrangements, buy air max shoes online but legal experts think, if the money for these projects do not exist borrowing behavior, direct allocation can be used, lawyers also described the incident in party and government organs personnel suspected of a crime, urged prosecutors involved in the investigation. Dahua Reservoir area funds by nearly 20 million Yuanyan Ertan Hydropower Station is located in the large county, Hechi City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has been put into power generation 24 years is capacity in South China
Merrell Shoes and Guangxi electric power system maximum peak FM main power station. Hechi City County, Donglan, Bama County, Tian’e Co
Mens Kobe Bryant 10 Flyknit Shoes 150924053unty, Nandan county, the 22 townships 907 villagers group was Yantan reservoir inundation. The local immigration forward on the 1st Street (micro signal: qianjieyihao) reporter provides county "borrow
Lebron James Shoes funds in Yantan reservoir area" form, which has 17 borrowers, lent a total amount of 2023.2 million yuan, repayment of 50 million yuan. Immigration to report shows that large Yuan County Bureau of immigration blue label ball from reservoir funds borrowed 780 million yuan, for "Beihai City real estate development". Venus, a former director of the Bureau of Immigration: Qian Jie Yi (micro signal qianjieyihao reporter of County Blue Label ball, he said, the borrowing of 780 million yuan a thing has happened in 1997 and, to borrow money not
Kobe Bryant Shoes for his personal things, when he is big county Immigration Bureau, county of Yantan reservoir area of 269 households, 1428 relocation to Beihai City farm (sound) life, "is a national organization to relocate, at a time when Venus farm to do a real estate projects, funding is not enough, because they promised to help us resettlement, we will lend them, if not because of our immigration in there, who would dare to put our money to lend them?". He also said that because of the time too long, the specific circumstances of the money when he is not clear, it seems not received, at least I retired in 2002 before the confiscation". He also said that immigration was indeed to borrowed a lot of money, let the other factories, "at that time many projects, some to do business, some for resettlement, a wide variety. Is also in order to help the development of the production of immigrants, a part of the collection, a part of the income does not come back." Served as the Secretary of county B Wei Xiang armed Wu Shanying said, at that time the relevant policies of the autonomous region, Hechi City allowed them to borrow Yantan reservoir funds for the development of the local economy, he in 1996 had i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes 5.8 million yuan from the immigration Yantan reservoir to lend money for armed ministry to Lao Yang Wu forest investment, but because the market is not good, poor efficiency. Wu Shanying said, "my money