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Lebron James Olympic Shoes Men Yunnan to return i love jordan nubuck men to work? The original is moved back to a new house, in a i like lebron james 2016 stage, a stage in the south gate, stone cleaning workers. In recent days, careful people found, "Yunnan’s first high-rise" – "South Gate" project site roar. Don’t shut down for a long time, the "South Gate" project, must return to work? From the collective negotiation right, buyers in fact, since the progress of the first high-rise in Yunnan for 8 years, striking one snag after another. In April last year, domestic media reported, Yunnan Zhongju group (hereinafter referred to as: Torch Group), Hong Kong and pure land Zhu deceased president. In October last year, due to litigation, the provincial and municipal court has issued a series of "annex project". Recently, the evening news reporter at the scene learned that the project site visits, the project has not been restarted, the key action of more than 10 discount lebron james website households in the decoration of the new house. In the past eight years, "the first high-rise" time and time again according to the public information display, Kunming is located in the first high-rise "Yunnan" "south gate, Torch Group investment 42 million yuan construction, the project started by the end of 2008, 316 meters high, a total of 72 layer. April 2015, Zhu pure land in Hong Kong falls dead, i like air jordan shoes men which makes Yunnan real estate industry famous "Yunnan first high-rise" — "South Gate" of the project becomes more complex. In May 7, 2015, the media reported that this i love cheap jordans wholesale day, more than 200 users came to the sales office sales, developers promised. 2013 after the developer’s commitment to launch in June, but it was not until the 2015 day of the right, and no other discount kids air jordan shoes signs. There are many positive elements, population change site. According to rights website statistics: from 2007 to 2014, to 286 users, more than 200 housing units, 14 sets of office buildings, more than 2 of the subscription payments of nearly 500 million yuan. In addition, activists also called for the development of
Lebron James Olympic Shoes Kunming City Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. is a major project, but also with the owners signed a subscription agreement or any supplementary subscription agreement, the subscription area, price of real number unchanged. In addition, the project received property buyers more rights "accessories" hundreds, all creditors also come in a throng. Activists said that since the project started, most of the construction units are owed arrears. As for the building, they nearly 30 units to establish a wage payment union". According to their statistics, the entire project project more than 1 billion u.. June 11, 2015, Kunming City, East Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. on the South Asian region of the creditor, issued a statement. To the declaration of the project funds, for the people, the guarantor, the South Gate of the housing subscription, to speed up the placement of the family, the contractor, material suppliers. In fact, as early as before the announcement of this statement, some activists have been controversial on the court. April 2015, due to this week and Kunming City, East Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. postponed, Kunming City Intermediate People’s Court issued a notice on the first inspection of the project. In May 19th of the same year, a bank and East Kunming Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. between the expansion