let migrant workers for the real estate inventory is wicked 201633 daily news public micro channel number e finance let the farmers become urban commercial housing inventory is immoral, in practice is not feasible. friends around his hometown in rural areas have been basically to the parents in the county to buy a house, if the child is working outside, basically in the local town to buy a house, otherwise not marry a wife. 3 2, JINGWAH times reported that the migrant workers to do the delivery of Wei Kanglin’s Chongqing house story, in the city to buy a house in the house can not help. These years in the outside work can also save tens of thousands of dollars, if in Chongqing urban i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes housing, according to the calculation of 7000 yuan per square metre, 70 square metres of ordinary residential construction area, total close to 50 million yuan, Shoufu 30% to 15 million yuan, 35 million yuan of loans, for a period of 30 years, for the month 2000 yuan, I now not only Shoufu half way, which also spent half of the monthly income for the month, not decoration. Members of the distribution mustering t
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey Blackhe fresh stem monthly income of at least 5000 yuan, there is no insurance policy, excluding rent, eating, smoking and daily expenses, not i like air max shoes to socialize, to dominate is 2000 yuan. If the purchase in the city, the equivalent of a lifetime for real estate workers. a lot of people said to purchase the county, there are 3 per square metre, 4000 yuan house. Problem is, to the county to work which have a monthly salary of 4000
http://www.trentonian.ca/profile/2012202 above it, reduced synchronisation capacity owing on the loan is still slaves, working in a big city or live in new houses, the inventory of developers into the agricultural labourer friend of inventory. count on farmers to stock, which is utopia. After World War II, the United States Leavitt Town, to lower income people, the key issue is that the economy is good, high employment rate, low real estate costs. Low income class employment outlook is not good, real estate cost is high, the economy is in transition period. buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online go to the stock to go to i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes the farmers, not tunnel. From the residence, the difference between the division of the urban and rural population in China. In China only the poor
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes and the rich population, for rich people, account completely is not a problem. buy air max shoes online They don’t need incidental in account of the poor in the
Nike All Stars Shoes security. And there is no purchase in the town, belong to the poorest class, such as Guizhou, Yunnan mountains,
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes the mother by the poor can not escape, father work with a monthly income of 3000 yuan to feed themselves and their children’s number. If it is subsidized by the government, how much is it? at present, Shanxi, Shandong, Gansu and other provinces have clearly introduced policies to encourage farmers to guide farmers into the city. Such as buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online in Shandong will of farmers into buyers give tax subsidies, the fee waiver, loan interest, property fee subsidies and other policies to make it become the longterm stability of the housing consumer groups. 2 at the end of the month, the Anhui Provincial Department of finance, the provincial housing department issued the about