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the national base company established intention and the effect of on tariff Chen Yongdong Labor Day is approaching, I heard heavy rumors the national base company may be established. Although the rumors, but has caused heated debate: why do you want to set up this company? This will lead to telecom tariff rise or fall? , the establishment of a national base company May Day eve, the industry is beyond all expectations to the rumors the national base company may be established. This news is coming out from the financial network, seems to be the financial eleven first published. News to be confirmed. reportedly said: if you are a joint ownership by the three operators of the national base company has been finalized, the registered capital of 10 billion yuan. After its establishment, the company may become leaders appointed by the Central Organization Department of the fiftyfourth companies. This means that the new company’s super station, on an equal footing with the three major telecom operators in the level. financial eleven also said, to participate in the preparation of the national base company of China Telecom Group key persons to its sources, the company was founded, the first stage, the new base station tower, pipelines, the three operators are contract down, the next three operators are no longer self base, but the base rent national base company the maintenance work to a national base station company. , two, founded what intention? listen to this message, if true feeling, of course is the important news. To look at the Internet to discuss the content, and looking for a photo on the base station, but it is difficult to find a look photos more beautiful, but his PS a. I think first of all problems, the national base company established purpose? Seems to be mainly has the following several points: first, improve the three operators base station construction fragmented situation . Although before the Ministry has been promoting the sharing, but the real implementation is still not satisfactory, but also a lot of their own petty niggling situation, which will inevitably lead to a lot of repeated construction of base station resources. second, an important step to promote the separation of telecommunications industry network. The separation of the telecommunications industry network namely the communication network and the telecom business separate has been talked about for many years, but it is difficult to promote, perhaps the central determination. Of course, maybe three big operators also enlightened. third, China Unicom and China Telecom to unite resources . It is said that China Telecom and China Unicom in the establishment of a national base company vigorously. Some analysts said the reason for pushing the two both in.

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