Paris 20110831 14:40:22 classified 0 comments held in France National Day in Champs Elysees parade every year as scheduled. But in France’s new president after the election will have a military honor guard parade, and then the new president to the presidential guard escort to the Arc de Triomphe and laid wreaths at the statue of General de Gaulle, so walking close to the president guard people in the streets of Paris. Guard by the cavalry phalanx, motorcycle etc. all square, square neat and dignified, in fine Fig. Although this battle as the National Day military parade formally, but the thought of the ceremony five years only a, will make people excited. Next year will hold presidential elections, if 5 in Paris trip. View full text amp; amp; Munich 20110831 introduction classified comments 0 arrived
Lebron James 10 MYP Men in Munich when night has fallen on, but we should i love cheap jordans wholesale go straight to the Maria square in the center of town. Here in addition to the famous the New City Hall, St. Peter’s church, there are many famous brand shops, bars and restaurants. Lights, restaurants, bars, street entertainers, visitors here bustling
Mens Lebron James 10 Low Top Sky Blue White, a festive atmosphere, and Paris is completely different. I like Munich at once. We also want to feel the German sausage and sauerkraut delicacy characteristics: Black beer. Pickled cabbage in Germany and Alsace region of France and the US northeast sauerkraut, but Germans with sausage and pepper flavor is heavy. Beer, I do not know, so really didn’t drink understand. View full text amp; amp; perfect the Geneva 20110831 introduction classified in the comments a Geneva although is the 2nd largest city of Switzerland, but walking tourism to i like lebron james 2016 the city. Geneva famous scenic Fleurie, i like air jordan shoes men Museum of art and history, the International Red Cross and the Palais des Nations the European headquarters of the United Nations are the distance of Lake Geneva. When it comes to Lake Geneva, it has to be
Lebron James 10 Low Top Men mentioned in all directions of the city to see the signs of the city of Geneva the fountain of Geneva lake. Fountain discount kids air jordan shoes spray silver more than 100 meters of the water column, in the air formed a perfect discount lebron james website arc, the water column dropping into a piece of curtain, splashing in the Geneva Lake. Visitors can also near the fountain near distance from a path extending to i love jordan nubuck men the center of the lake shore to take the water column below view full text amp; amp; ancient city of Marseille in colour introduction classified in comments 0 to the ancient city of Marseille not the old Hong Kong tour,
Lebron James 10 Elite Men the old port is in the center of the city, although there is no I think big, but still carries the function of private yachts and boats moored. Fishing ports will be in the morning, the fishermen selling old port shore fishing just fresh Mediterranean seafood. The old port seems to have lost its economic status, but in many literary works in France can still see his importance. Looked to the sea, can clearly see the two islands in the Mediterranean sea. One of them is mentioned in Eve Island, French writer Alexandre Dumas in the novel the count of Monte cristo. The history here really close