The test lead Every bean has its black. Every one has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you care too much about the shortcomings, will make a person lose confidence; but if not objective to find their own shortcomings, it is difficult to fully understand their own. The following test will help you find your own shortcomings. You will be successful only if you overcome it in the first chapter. The test begins: 1 when a friend is wearing a tie that doesn’t suit him well, he says to you, well, you can do it! Then how do you answer? A. frankly, not so. B. only smiled but did not reply. C. said, Yes, D. said. It was good, but the last one was better. 2. When he looks bored and keeps silent, you will say: B. what’s the matter? Is not in a bad mood? C. would you like to go for a walk? 3 it was a joke on a man behind a bastard note, the
Jordan Aero Flight Men Wholesale man did not notice, then you will: A. while he did not pay attention to quietly put the note down. B. is full of curious with the people around him said: you see! C. reminded the
Mens Jordan 23 Degrees F Brown man, take off your discount lebron james website suit and look at it.! D. don’t i love jordan nubuck men pretend not to see. 4 when you and your boyfriend, his father advised you: can not be with the kind of men together, quickly split hand! Faced with this situation, you will say: A. he is a good person, I hope my father can understand him. B. I’m trying to break up with him. C. I don’t need you, I’ll take care of myself. D. OK, I’ll think it over. 5, think about it, your
Jordan After Game Shoes Wholesale side of the three friends who are most attractive, most favored by the opposite sex? A. don’t know. B. I’m the worst. C., of course, is myself. D. himself in four people about third. 6 at noon the day before the wedding, the old male female friends suddenly appeared, said to you: I’m 18 world psychologists are using the 135 psychological test questions discount kids air jordan shoes still love you! And to ask you to ask, then you will: A. difficult to do. B. agreed to each other’s request. C. will give a meal. D. flatly refused. score standard: according to your choice of items in each test, and calculate the A, B, C, D each select a few. Choose the one that is the least, that’s your type. However, if there are more i like air jordan shoes men than two numbers the same, i love cheap jordans wholesale then it is the E type. Test results: type A: it seems that the lack of no matter what. You are always first to think for themselves, without regard to the position of others and mood is you see someone in trouble nor take the initiative to out a helping hand. In your heart, your own things will always be the most important, as for others, you do not care. In your heart, always have a wish, hope others more care i like lebron james 2014 about you. Perhaps this expectation is too strong, it makes you become so selfish and cold. B type: it is a person who is not open
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