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Cheap Kobe Bryant Shoes From China to kill her i like air max shoes husband suspects, ultimately caused by four people have been arrested in the case. p murder fallen is not broken, and peasant 17 years pupil, making the report is to attract people’s eyeball, out of curiosity, in the increasing emphasis on strictly regulate the law enforcement of the moment, the case for a thoughtprovoking. first, the public should understand the woman Li Guiying. Seventeen years ago, is suspect violence let her middleaged widowed, parents need support, under five children need tending, home, for she has collapsed, struggling, she wanted to will bring him such criminal suspects to justice attitude we should understand, in support of the vengeance, she pupil 17 years, while raising five grow on your own, her strength and her encounter suffering, will leave a deep impression on her, people should sympathize with, should also be understood. second, law enfo
Mens Kevin Durant V Low Top MKDL02rcement should reflect. one is, in the end should be active to catch i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes criminals, or rely on close relatives of the victims to provide clues? It seems that this is not a problem in itself, but the case does not seem to make sense, because they are very busy, there is no way to have been concerned about this case. This problem how to crack, the best answer seems to be the main active arrest, the victim and their relatives with complementary. Anyway to justify themselves, after all, to arrest the suspect is the duties of the public security organs and their great power of public rights is no ordinary citizens. But the degree and how to master? To be sure, no matter how, all rely on the victim close relatives provide clues or can be online pursuit in the present case, the Internet the, is not correct. two is, why some suspects will replace identity information? Identity card is issued by the public security organs, why the identity of buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the suspect will change, I am afraid to explain only the public security organs. But the report, the Xiangcheng city police explained, speculation is the census of the time to replace the identity information. The face of Li Guiying’s questioning, the police reply because of the heavy workload, did not notice the fugitive suspects. Account cancellation and arrests are two differentthings, check your own who gave identity i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes information modify conditions, which I can not check. Is still the same problem, the public security organs issued ID card, the victim’s relatives how to check? This is not only a busy work can excuse. The essence is to cover up the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online mistakes in the work and the demands of the parties explain away. three is not suspects appearing in court the online pursuit? This is a very good question. However, in the case of a fugitive criminal suspects are in the online pursuit system can not find. Xiangcheng city police explained may be due to negligence caused by the grassroots staff. For why