this year’s Spring Festival, not what is red is more attention to young people, in WeChat group, microblog, PayPal wallet everywhere in a red rain, at the same time, operators began to endure lonely. a few years ago, new year’s Eve and new year’s day are carriers of the moment, whether it is phone pay New Year’s call or text messages, telecom operators have to endure the user experience decline even complain complaint. But when the year of the sheep, WeChat microblog paralysis, collapse, pay treasure to traffic, SMS platform operators have SMOOTH OPERATOR. not many people in the industry expected, shake the enthusiastic support system WeChat simply can not afford the enthusiasm of China people, last year only 8000000 of the amount of hundreds of millions of dollars and this cannot be mentioned in the same breath. So, WeChat back paralyzed, not red, not received the information, and the double 11, transport during the Spring Festival get train tickets have a spell grab a red envelope action to fully test the Internet Co background. red rain is too big, even if is to support the super ability for Paypal will inevitably meet up with Internet Co, finally realizes the operator when the difficulties. However, this problem is a kind of happiness and troubles, and lost only know. at the moment, the telecom operators must be in the recall message event that year, wish the user complaints and complaints over again. However, time has passed, which belongs to the SMS era has gone for ever. when a lot of people WeChat envelopes can not use it, the network re emergence of the conspiracy theory, operators also once again accused of lying in the gun, telecom operators stuck neck mischief in Internet Co. In fact, we have good reason to believe that, the operator has nothing to do with this congestion, because the operators in the red tide pain and happiness. SMS pay New Year’s call from glory to the silence, but the last one or two years. To pay New Year’s call SMS microblog fired the first shot, hit the key WeChat SMS, SMS and red is overwhelming the last straw for pay New Year’s call. According to the Ministry of statistics, in 2014 during the Spring Festival holiday, the national mobile messaging delivery volume totaled 18210000000, down 42%, a substantial decline in the first time, and the Spring Festival of 2015, the amount of text messages sent to drop below 10000000000 should be no suspense. Spring Festival Red network is in the Internet financial and social network, combined with the product in the mobile Internet, let the past oneway transmission of information evolved into a twoway interaction can be and the more the spirit of entertainment products. so, the red network not only the person to person pay New Year’s call SMS shock up, also let the audience between television and marketing services based communication has changed fundamentally, SMS number no longer need the original host read over and over, but called for a shake. A significant decrease of SMS usage, let the operator’s income is injured.