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Air Jordan 4 Winter Style Men times; amp; times;, female, 32 years old, live Beijing Yongdingmen Wai. Visit: April 7, 1998. The main reason of heart discount lebron james website palpitations, sweating in February to diagnosis. A history of viral encephalitis patients before March, and past history of hepatic dysfunction. At present western medicine methimazole, propranolol, palpitations symptoms did not improve. Then for the Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment. At the moment: palpitation, sweating, fatigue stress, quick temper, good appetite, nausea after eating, the stool 12 times a day. Check the lean, heart rate 130 beats min, red tongue, thin and yellow moss, pulse count. Syndrome of deficiency of Qi and Yin, pyrostagnant in. The treatment of Yiqi Yangyin Qingre Sanjie. Prescription: Radix Pseudostellariae 12 g, Radix 12 g, Scrophulariaceae 12 g, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis 15 g, the root of red rooted salvia 15 g, Huanglian 10 g, Radix 10 g, schisandra fruit 15g, medlar 30 g, Prunella vulgaris 15 g, oyster 25 g mixer, weeping forsy
Mens Air Jordan 4 Winter Style Grey Black Greenthia 12 g, 15 G silver, 7 agent. Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital Department of Endocrinology examination: April 14, 1998 two Zhao Jinxi i like lebron james 2016 disease. Take the medicine 7 agent, palpitations, sweating, fatigue, various symptoms were reduced, heart rate 100 beats min, no more side effects, 14 agent. Three diagnosis: April 28, 1998. A good mental state, heart rate 80 beats min. Propranolol was withdrawn, to the. 7 agent. Methods: May 5, 1998. All the symptoms were reduced, red tongue, pulse as usual, the original party to Yinhua, agent 14. Five diagnosis: review of thyroid function tests were normal, have reduced methimazole dosage, followed by Tianwangbuxin Dan i love cheap jordans wholesale consolidate curative effect. i love jordan nubuck men With the door Moumou, 53 years old, male, Beijing City, Tongzhou District. Outpatient number: 354527. In June 18, 2002 the newly diagnosed. The main
Air Jordan 13 Winter Style Men reason of patients with lower extremity edema in February. A history of type 2 diabetes for 14 years. Two months ago, no apparent reason induced oedema of double lower limbs, blurred vision, limb numbness, accompanied by dry throat itchy throat, cough less sputum, time does not heal, hence to our hospital. Poor sleep, two
Air Jordan 11 Winter Style Men is adjustable. Test urine 1, urine protein 4, suggesting that diabetic retinopathy fundus check phase III. TCM diagnosis dull red tongue, thin and greasy fur slightly yellow, thin pulse strings. Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital Department of Endocrinology Zhao Jinxi nephropathy diagnosed as diabetic nephropathy, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, hypertension. TCM is i like air jordan shoes men Qi and yin deficiency, blood stasis, blood stasis collaterals wet stop, with wind heat evil nostalgia in lung wei. Western medicine to give insulin hypoglycemic, nifedipine controlled release tablets and losartan reduced blood pressure, traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of to give heat Shufeng Xuanfei Zhisou mainly, and removing dampness. Prescription: 10g of mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum 10 g, Herba schizonepetae 3 G, the root of Fangfeng 3 G, Platycodon grandiflorum 6 g, licorice 6 g, baicalin 6 g, discount kids air jordan shoes Mint 6 g later, Uncaria 15 g, weeping forsythia 12 g, angelica 12 G1