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when I finished writing the book micro media and news innovation discovery, the future of social media will eventually move toward personalized and professional attitude, only those who have the temperature position with the idea of the information will be spread farther, the next ten years or even twenty years, since the media will become the protagonist. today, the Internet has become a public topic, especially the mobile Internet revolution along with vigour and vitality, everyone could become a media person, pass by become blurred, but this may lead to small pieces of information and people reading just miss the person or opportunity, cursory style reading will make more fragmented pieces of information, and even lead to people information system. this information system disorder is not only a kind of incomplete or inaccurate information to people unable to distinguish the authenticity of the information, may also lead to a lack of people with pieces of information elements and physical discomfort, for example, people lost mobile phone can not travel, syndrome lack of information lost computer does not work. so, people from the media, is a collection of pieces of information intermediary, orderly organization of useful information in the current, a broken pieces, in a certain area or a particular industry to provide people with an orderly and accurate information, so that people more time to get valuable information. then try holding the mentality to join Sohu from the media, released every day a original articles, has been the main injection of new media, digital media, mobile media, ecommerce and Internet information, observation and research. Once an article for the readers to learn a lot of things, he felt should continue to work hard, to be able to help you, and my heart is very happy. so there will be a Ma Tai Chi practice in O2O: from Ali Empire O2O layout wiring diagram about, O2O marketing four elements: the user experience, product value, experience satisfaction, wordofmouth effect, the future of the electricity supplier to open the door of the blue ocean rural wealth weapon is the flow and a series of articles. found that in the process of writing and the reader in the exchange process, the multi screen era, reading has become the FMCG industry. In other words, the market is small strong theory, but to be simple articles are more easy to get people to read. That is to say, reading is the mainstream, for example reading interest of the articles on the bus, on the subway, on the bed, people like the pastime is reading. later wrote a side about the Samsung Galaxy S6 article, published in the Sohu from the media, even by 160000 the amount of reading, it is a miracle. So, my research and writing in electronic commerce, IT, O2O of the article, is to increase the research and writing of the mobile Internet, especially the mobile phone information research. Because most readers is gens going to work or group of students, there is not much time to pay attention to the scattered information more, so as a focus in this field and the research for a long time I, have the obligation to collect.

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