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who all know, give me a fulcrum, and I can move the earth is the story of a truth, but not everyone can try to understand why only one million can also let the whole environmental protection plate 28 stock trading, although the market may not be sustained, but the effect can be achieved. because of fog and haze is our heart pain, but also our century pain, is our country the pain, in a word with the Internet language is a pain point. Under the same sky, the same fate, even learning the most during the APEC laments the blue sky, we have what reason to deceive oneself and others? the capital market is not only a seek nothing but profits in the market, but also a full of humanistic feelings of market, public opinion can be split, but the investment but there is consensus, so, even if the market is just a day, what’s the difference?! take the matter on its merits, no doubt, environmental protection is the most imaginative, government investment will be greater, return is also the largest industries in the future, the key of this industry development is not technology, but in the hearts of the people, more is the responsibility, of course, the ultimate in government. Chinese things, whenever the government seriously, to our system basically did not do things, can’t be the target, if the one hundred universal up tens of billions of posture, contribution to detonate. From the index, energy saving and environmental protection plate in February 27th this day is still 9806 points, while in March 2nd this day 10076 points Tiaokong open, rose 4.07%, to close at 10206 points, the next is washed up 10440 points, two days or 6.4%, in contrast, the Shanghai composite index is a big shock, once fell more than 2%, it is no wonder that let me quietly will become the stock of the popular language, say we naive or willful or inadvertently, the environmental protection plate has become the socalled two market bright spots in the. some people through but thinking, some words can but nagging, have thankfully not fall just said during the two sessions, the Shanghai Composite Index immediately give you the eye, the large blue chip heavyweights actually plate collective zapan, if asked why, the answer is only from the SFC there to find, the biggest bad is the management of their own releases and that is the 24 new shares concentration IPO, the scale of financing of nearly about 20000000000, this number is not large, but considering the gem crazy trend, taking into account all rally new enthusiasm, taking into account the shares soared after the listing, the new play safe invincible income sufficient to lock 3 trillion in capital scale this figure is now, 56 times daily transaction volume, naturally stretched surface of the capital market, this is called blood. The Commission will do so of course not intended may be suppressed, dimensional stability can release the listing of new shares, so concentrated, is nothing more than blocking some people’s mouth, but also on the IPO reform an attitude, the registration system what attitude? Market oriented attitude! With this in NPC and CPPCC held before the central bank announced a cut of the practices that have different approaches but equally satisfactory results in common, in the pre release signal monetary easing is blocking some people mouth the central bank, also in order to avoid;

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